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Date News Archive
Western, Basin, Heartland join Southwest Power Pool {10/1/2015}

At midnight, Western Area Power Administration’s Upper Great Plains Region, Basin Electric Power Cooperative and Heartland Consumers Power District successfully transferred functional control of the integrated transmission system to Southwest Power Pool and began operating in the regional transmission organization. This was the final step in achieving full membership in the RTO. Read the full release.

Southwest Power Pool appoints Mark Bowling Director of Compliance and Security {8/17/2015}

Southwest Power Pool (SPP), a regional power grid operator that ensures access to reliable and affordable sources of electricity, has appointed Mark Bowling director of compliance and security. Read the full release.

Southwest Power Pool releases final analysis of draft Clean Power Plan {7/27/2015}

Southwest Power Pool (SPP), a regional power grid operator that ensures access to reliable sources of electricity at affordable rates, today released its final analysis of the potential impact of the Environmental Protection Agency’s draft Clean Power Plan. Click here to read the release. Click here to read the analysis.
Southwest Power Pool appoints Matt Morais Associate General Counsel {6/22/2015}

Southwest Power Pool (SPP), a regional power grid operator that ensures access to reliable sources of electricity at affordable rates, has named Matt Morais associate general counsel for markets and regulatory policy. Read the full release.
Southwest Power Pool accepting applications to serve on competitive transmission construction review panel for 2016 {6/17/2015}

Southwest Power Pool, a regional power grid operator that ensures access to reliable sources of electricity at affordable rates, is accepting applications to serve on an independent panel to review competitive transmission construction proposals in 2016. Read the full release.
Southwest Power Pool expands electric grid management to 14 states {6/2/2015}

Southwest Power Pool, a regional power grid operator that ensures access to reliable sources of electricity at competitive rates, has expanded its management of electric reliability coordination to include the Integrated System transmission system, adding more than 5,000 megawatts of peak demand and 9,500 miles of transmission infrastructure. Read the full release.
SPP 2014 Annual Report now available {5/7/2015}

SPP's 2014 Annual Report is now available online. Titled "Results," the report reflects on a year that included the Integrated Marketplace's successful on-time implementation, the approval of the Integrated System and its entities as new members, and numerous initiatives that added value for our members. "Simply put, 2014 was a remarkable year of results for our organization in numerous ways," write SPP President and CEO Nick Brown and Jim Eckelberger, chairman of the Board of Directors. Read the full report and the 2014 financial statements.
SPP Clean Power Plan assessment shows regional compliance possible by 2030, but at a cost {4/8/2015}

SPP has released a second analysis of the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed Clean Power Plan that indicates a regional compliance approach would meet the plan's 2030 deadline at an estimated cost of $2.9 billion per year in capital investment and energy production costs. Read the full press release and the regional compliance assessment report.
Ross, See elected as SPP officers {2/2/2015}

SPP's Board of Directors has elected former Arkansas U.S. Representative Mike Ross as senior vice president of Government Affairs, and Malinda See as vice president of Corporate Services. Read the full release.
FERC approves IS' membership in SPP {11/12/2014}

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Nov. 10 substantively approved the Integrated System (IS) joining SPP. FERC's approval clears the way for SPP to begin coordinating the IS transmission system in June, with full membership in October 2015. Read the full press release and the FERC filing.
SPP assesses Clean Power Plan, says more time is needed to implement {10/9/2014}

SPP has released a reliability impact assessment of the EPA's proposed Clean Power Plan that indicates not enough time is allowed to compensate for projected generation-unit retirements nor to build adequate transmission infrastructure necessary to maintain system reliability. Read the full press release, the reliability impact assessment, and SPP's comments filed with the EPA.

Heartland, Basin Approve Membership into SPP {7/17/2014}

The board of directors for the Heartland Consumers Power District and the Basin Electric Power Cooperative have each approved their companies' membership into the Southwest Power Pool, pending necessary approvals. Heartland said July 14 its board has approved a resolution authorizing execution of a membership agreement; Basin said July 16 its board has authorized a similar membership.

SPP's Board of Directors previously approved tariff changes to accommodate the membership of Heartland, Basin, and Western Area Power Administration-Upper Great Plains (WAPA) -- who together comprise the Integrated System (IS) and its 9,848 miles of high-voltage transmission lines -- into SPP.

More information on the benefits the IS' parties gain by joining SPP can be found in the minutes from the June 9 SPP Board of Directors meeting. WAPA is the first federal Power Marketing Agency (PMA) to join an RTO. More information on the unique nature of a PMA joining an RTO can be found here and here.    

SPP Board approves changes to facilitate Integrated System membership {6/10/2014}

SPP's Board of Directors approved changes to its operating tariff June 9 to accommodate the Integrated System's (IS) membership in SPP. The Western Area Power Administration-Upper Great Plains, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, and Heartland Consumers Power District make up the IS. Read the full press release
Market Monitoring Unit Releases 2013 State of the Market Report {5/30/2014}

SPP's Market Monitoring Unit (MMU) has released its annual State of the Market Report for 2013. The MMU is the independent market monitor for the SPP Regional Transmission Organization. It is responsible for providing this annual report of the electricity market conditions to the SPP Board of Directors, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and other interested stakeholders. Read the full report.
SPP Seeks Industry Experts for Transmission Panels {5/19/2014}

SPP announced it will create a panel of industry experts that will review, rank, and score proposal responses for certain competitive transmission projects. Read the full press release.

3/12/2014 Revised to Account for Integrated Marketplace {3/12/2014} has been updated to reflect the Integrated Marketplace's implementation and its next phase of work, and to preserve EIS Market information. EIS data has been archived under Markets and Operations, while all Integrated Marketplace data can be found on the Marketplace Portal). A quick reference document details all the changes to

SPP Brings Integrated Marketplace Online and On Time {3/3/2014}

SPP successfully implemented its Integrated Marketplace on schedule March 1, becoming the first RTO to design, build, and deliver a day-ahead market on time and on budget. The Integrated Marketplace is expected to yield up to $100 million in annual net benefits to the SPP RTO region. Read the full press release.
SPP Stakeholders Vote to Proceed with Integrated Marketplace March 1 {2/3/2014}

SPP will proceed with implementing its Integrated Marketplace on schedule March 1, following an unanimous favorable vote by the stakeholder-driven Go-Live Team. This will make SPP the first RTO to design, build, and deliver a Day 2 market on time. Read the full press release
SPP Files FERC Complaint over Lack of Compensation from MISO {1/28/2014}

SPP filed a complaint with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission January 28 alleging that Midcontinent Independent System Operator is violating the Joint Operating Agreement between SPP and MISO and SPP's Open Access Transmission Tariff. Read the full press release.

Western Pursues RTO Membership with SPP {1/10/2014}

The Upper Great Plains Region of Western Area Power Administration has decided to pursue formal negotiations for membership with SPP, the power marketing administration said Friday. Read the full press release.

SPP to implement Integrated Marketplace's TCR Market October 18 {10/14/2013}

Southwest Power Pool (SPP) will implement the Integrated Marketplace's first business function when the Transmission Congestion Rights (TCR) Market goes live October 18 with the posting of live TCR-process data. The TCR Market is integral to the Integrated Marketplace, which will go live March 2014 and is expected to yield estimated annual net benefits of up to $100 million to the SPP region. Read the full press release.
SPP Board Approves $751M in Transmission Expansion Projects {1/31/2013}

The SPP Board of Directors has approved a near-term transmission expansion plan that will result in $751 million in new transmission projects across its eight-state Regional Transmission Organization region. The projects are expected to be constructed over the next six years in all eight states. Read the full press release.

SPP Order 1000 Compliance Filing Proposes Open Competitive Transmission Project Process {11/14/2012}

SPP has submitted an Order 1000 compliance filing with the FERC that proposes a competitive solicitation model to promote open competition for 300kV transmission projects and above. Read the full press release.
SPP Names Ron Ciesiel GM of SPP RE {7/24/2012}

SPP RE Trustees have named Ron Ciesiel General Manager of the SPP RE (Regional Entity), effective August 1. Ciesiel has spent 34 years in the electric utility industry, including 20 years with Gulf State Utilities and nine years with SPP -- five with the SPP RE. Read the full release.
Mike Ross to Lead SPP Government Affairs, Public Relations {5/14/2012}

SPP announced today U.S. Congressman Mike Ross will join SPP as its Senior Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Relations when his term in Congress ends in January. Ross announced in July 2011 he would not seek re-election after six terms for Arkansas' 4th Congressional District. Read the full press release.
SPP 2011 Annual Report Now Available {4/25/2012}

SPP's 2011 Annual Report is now available online. Titled, "By Design: Engineering SPP's Next Era of Growth", the report's theme reflects SPP's thoughtful, deliberate, planned, thorough, and complete approach to helping our members keep the lights on. Write SPP President and CEO Nick Brown and Chairman of the Board Jim Eckelberger in their joint message to stakeholders, "We continue to stay true to our mission and value propositions that differentiate us from other RTO/ISOs so that we are able to effectively and thoughtfully plan and execute -- by design." Read the report and the 2011 financial statements.

Highway/Byway Cost Allocation Process Receives Full Support {4/5/2012}

Five SPP Members have formally submitted their request for voluntary dismissal of their petition with a federal appeals court to review SPP's Highway/Byway Regional Cost Allocation Methodology and Process for funding transmission expansion. The filing means all SPP Members have expressed their confidence in the methodology and process. Read the full press release and the motion for voluntary dismissal.
SPP Files Tariff Revisions for Integrated Marketplace {2/29/2012}

SPP today filed revisions to its Open Access Transmission Tariff with the FERC, completing a major milestone in its implementation of the Integrated Marketplace. The Tariff revisions will provide the regulatory framework for the Marketplace's operations. Read the full press release.
SPP Board Approves $1.7 Billion of Transmission Projects {2/3/2012}

SPP's Board of Directors has approved a near-term transmission plan that will result in the construction of $251 million in new transmission projects, necessary to maintain reliable supplies of electricity across SPP's footprint. The board also approved a 10-year transmission expansion plan, with estimated projects totaling approximately $1.5 billion, and expected to provide $834 million in net regional savings over 40 years. Read the full release.
SPP to Add 50 Jobs in Little Rock in 2012 {1/10/2012}

SPP will increase its Little Rock-area based workforce by 50 positions in 2012, at an average salary of $83,500. The new employees will join the more than 500 who work for SPP today, and will eventually be based in the company's new $62 million facility in West Little Rock. Read the full release.
SPP Hosts CSAPR Webinars for Members {11/2/2011}

SPP will host two webinars Friday, November 4, to review with Members compliance plans for the EPA's Cross-State Air Pollution Rules (CSAPR), from both resource adequacy and reliability perspectives. SPP has submitted to the EPA letters regarding CSAPR and a recommendation from the ISO/RTO Council for a temporary waiver mechanism that protects reliable availability of electricity. Read the webinar presentation, the letters to the EPA related to CSAPR and water intake, and the ISO/RTO recommendation.
SPP Better Choice for Arkansas Customers and Local Community {9/19/2011}

In its post-hearing filing, made today at the Arkansas Public Service Commission, Southwest Power Pool emphasized the benefits to all Arkansas electricity customers of Entergy joining its regional transmission organization. The Commission is currently considering whether Entergy Arkansas should join Little Rock-based SPP; Midwest ISO, a Carmel, Indiana-based organization; or operate as a stand-alone entity.
SPP asked the Commission to find that SPP membership for EAI is in the public interest and the only prudent decision, based on the Commission's defined role in regional transmission organization governance; projected cost savings for EAI and Arkansas customers; timing and certainty of full integration of EAI; and SPP's extensive hands-on experience with EAI. This decision impacts not only EAI customers, but all Arkansas ratepayers. Read more in the full release.
Omaha Public Power District Reaffirms Status as SPP Member {8/10/2011}

After discussions lasting sixteen months, OPPD and SPP today announced that OPPD would continue its status as a transmission-owning member of SPP. The decision keeps OPPD in the same status in which it joined the Regional Transmission Organization on April 1, 2009. "We believe that being a transmission owning member of SPP will provide our customer owners with many benefits," said OPPD President and CEO W. Gary Gates. "Having a stronger transmission system will increase reliability and will provide a broader access to energy markets."

According to SPP President and CEO Nick Brown, "We are pleased that OPPD continues to see the value of SPP membership and the SPP stakeholder process, and we will certainly do our part to live up to OPPD's expectations. Our regional electric grid will benefit from OPPD's continued participation in our wholesale energy and transmission service markets, transmission planning processes, and energy reserve sharing group." Read the full release.
Region Hits All-Time Record for Electricity Use {8/3/2011}

On August 2, 2011 at 16:41, SPP set a new regional electricity demand record of 54,949 MW, surpassing the August 1, 2011 peak of 54,534 MW. Before this week, the previous record of 53,146 MW was set on August 11, 2010. The peak forecast for August 3, 2011 is 54,621 MW.

"SPP serves as the 'air traffic controller' for the regional electric grid, and we have been working with our member utilities to balance real-time electricity supply and demand during this heat wave," said Vice President of Operations Bruce Rew. "Despite record electricity use, we have successfully used our region's generators and transmission lines to meet demand and maintain grid reliability." Read the full release.
SPP Files Request for Rehearing, Clarification of July 1 FERC Order {8/2/2011}

SPP has filed a Request for Rehearing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regarding its July 1 order interpreting the Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) between SPP and the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO). SPP is seeking a rehearing of FERC's interpretation of the JOA, which permits MISO to appropriate SPP's transmission capacity without compensation for the purpose of incorporating Entergy Arkansas into MISO. SPP said in a July 5 press release responding to the FERC order that the Entergy-MISO plan requires good faith renegotiation of the JOA. SPP's position remains that the Entergy-MISO plan to add significant power flows to SPP's and neighboring electric grids could cause major operational issues, create congestion on power lines, negatively impact SPP members' ability to reliably deliver electricity to their own customers, and create litigation over costs. Read the full SPP filing with the FERC.
SPP to AR Public Service Commission: SPP is Best Choice for Entergy and Arkansas Ratepayers {7/12/2011}

As the Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC) considers options after Entergy Arkansas exits the System Agreement in 2013, today SPP explained why it is the best choice for Entergy and Arkansas ratepayers. SPP agrees with Entergy that membership in a Regional Transmission Organization brings benefits to utilities and their customers - such as centralized electric grid operations, access to wholesale energy markets, and collaborative planning for the grid's future needs - but disagrees that the Carmel, Indiana-based Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator is a better option for Arkansas.

According to SPP President and CEO Nick Brown, "All evidence we've seen makes it clear that membership in SPP would bring greater value to Entergy. SPP and Entergy began our partnership in 1941 to serve our region and nation, and we want to continue doing what's best for our region – including what is best for all Arkansas customers. If Entergy joins SPP as a full member, two large adjacent power grids will be consolidated, Entergy will have a voice in SPP's decision-making process, it will continue contributing to our regional energy reserves, and the APSC will have real and meaningful influence through SPP's Regional State Committee." Read the full news release, APSC filing, and supplemental testimony of Dr. Craig Roach, Boston Pacific Company.
Southwest Power Pool Anticipates Renegotiation of JOA if Entergy Joins MISO {7/5/2011}

SPP is pleased with a crucial aspect of FERC’s Order issued Friday in response to MISO’s request for a declaratory order interpreting the Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) between the companies. FERC specifically recognized SPP’s position that the JOA should be renegotiated. FERC stated that MISO has “an obligation to negotiate in good faith” in response to changes to the JOA that SPP may propose if Entergy joins MISO. Read the full news release for more
2010 Annual Report Published {5/10/2011}

SPP has published its 2010 Annual Report, highlighting the year's major accomplishments. Read the annual report and financial statement. To request a printed copy, please contact Ronda Walters.

Board Approves Integrated Marketplace Budget, PJM and ERCOT Agree to Share Market Expertise {4/26/2011}

SPP took two significant steps this week as it continues to develop new energy markets that will benefit its members and region. The SPP Board of Directors approved a software development budget for the Integrated Marketplace. SPP also announced Memorandums of Understanding with PJM Interconnection and ERCOT, other regional organizations with similar energy markets. PJM and ERCOT will share with SPP their expertise, experience, and lessons learned from development, implementation, and operation of their markets. Read the release.
Regulatory Considerations for Entergy's Integration into SPP/MISO {4/22/2011}

At the request of several state commissioners, SPP compiled a list of regulatory considerations for Entergy's possible integration into SPP or MISO. Related documents: SPP's Entergy Membership Proposal and Benefits of Entergy Joining SPP.
SPP Receives USEA 2011 Energy Industry Volunteer Partnership Award {4/21/2011}

The United States Energy Association and the United States Agency for International Development presented the 2011 Energy Industry Volunteer Partnership Award to SPP. The award recognizes SPP's accomplishments in sharing its experience in regional transmission planning, market development, and renewable energy integration with its overseas counterparts in Southeast Europe, the Black Sea region, and West Africa. In presenting the award to SPP, Jonathan Hale, USAID Deputy Assistant Administrator for Europe and Eurasia said, "SPP embodies the best of the American volunteer spirit ‐ a willingness to share its expertise with those that may benefit and to learn from other perspectives." Read the release.
SPP Makes Membership Proposal to Entergy {4/11/2011}

SPP's members, working through the Task Force for Interest in Entergy Membership, prepared a proposal to detail the general elements involved with Entergy's potential integration into the SPP Regional Transmission Organization. The proposal covers issues such as cost allocation; SPP's services, including transmission planning, reliability coordination, tariff administration, and energy markets; transmission revenue sharing; regulatory approvals; and withdrawal provisions. Read the proposal.
New Transmission Atlas and 2011 Map Available to Order {4/4/2011}

The new SPP Transmission Atlas is available to order. It contains over 60 detailed maps that include transmission and generation assets, interstate highways, waterways, and major urban areas, along with an index for each station and urban area in the SPP and Entergy footprints. The 2011 Transmission Map is also available; it is a detailed representation of assets within the SPP and Entergy footprints, and contains detailed inset maps of 12 major areas. 

Each individual receiving an atlas or map must submit a new SPP Confidentiality Agreement, available on our Request a Map/Model page.
New Interactive Tariff Page Make Tariff Searches Easier {4/4/2011}

SPP's new Interactive Tariff page is live! You can now read and search SPP Tariffs – Open Access Transmission Tariff, Service/Membership Agreements, and Bylaws - with this tool, found on the Regulatory page. You can navigate directly to a section, download the document in PDF or Word, and find related filings that have been filed since July 26, 2010. When you click "Filing", links for the Transmittal Letter, Clean Tariff, Marked Tariff, and all other related documents/attachments will populate in the Document tab. The Tariffs are updated and refreshed daily to ensure you have the most current information. Please contact Brenda Fricano at 501-614-3526 or read the manual for more information.
Benefits of Entergy Joining SPP Include $1.3 Billion Net Savings {3/3/2011}

Since 1941, SPP and Entergy have had decades of successful collaboration, and SPP has extensive experience and knowledge in operating Entergy's system in real-time and planning for its future needs. In addition to the estimated $1.3 billion in net benefits if Entergy joined the SPP Regional Transmission Organization, other operational efficiencies and savings would be achieved. Download a three-page fact sheet to read more.
PER-005-1 Effective 1/25/11 - Impacts to SPP Members/Customers {1/28/2011}

In November 2010 FERC issued Order No. 742, which approved two NERC Personnel Performance, Training, and Qualification (PER) Reliability Standards. The main goal of PER-005-1 is to ensure all system operators performing real-time, reliability-related tasks on the North American Bulk Electric System are competent to perform those tasks. The standard will impact multiple business units within SPP members' organizations, requiring identification, creation, evaluation, and maintenance of all reliability-related job tasks. Read more about PER-005-1 or register for a training.
SPP Approves Transmission Plan for 2030, Further Market Development {1/26/2011}

In keeping with its 2010 Strategic Plan to build a robust transmission system and develop efficient energy markets, the SPP Board of Directors approved: construction of $176 million in new transmission projects needed to maintain reliable supplies of electricity across the region, a strategic transmission "roadmap" for 2030, and negotiating with vendors to build new energy markets. Read the release.
12-27-10 Load Shed Event - Power Restored in South Central Louisiana {12/28/2010}

On Dec. 27 at 9:16 a.m. SPP instructed transmission operators in south central Louisiana to restore loading on the transmission system; all load was restored at 9:24 a.m. At 6:26 a.m. SPP had instructed operators to reduce loading on the high voltage transmission system by 277 megawatts by interrupting customers' electric service. SPP's instructions were necessary due to extremely high loading on electric transmission facilities, caused by an unplanned transmission outage, unavailability of some local generation, and higher than expected demand due to the cold weather. Read the full statement.
SPP Announces Changes in Senior Staff {12/17/2010}

In a letter to SPP staff, President and CEO Nick Brown announced on December 17 the retirement of Senior Vice President Les Dillahunty, the hiring of Paul Suskie as SPP's General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Regulatory Policy, and other changes to the organization's leadership structure. Read Nick Brown's letter for more, or download the news release.
Real-Time Load, Generation Mix Now Available {12/15/2010}

New real-time data has been added to The Load/Forecast and Generation Mix page depicts actual and forecast load for the market footprint, along with the fuel types being used for generation. The LIP Contour Map now includes information about flowgates and load aggregate pricing, available by clicking on the map. Both pages are linked in the Market dropdown menu.
Happy Holidays From SPP! {12/12/2010}
Our entire organization joins in sending season's greetings to all of our stakeholders.
ISOs/RTOs File Metrics Report with FERC {12/7/2010}

The Independent System Operators (ISOs) and Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs) regulated by FERC, including SPP, submitted a metrics report providing extensive data on grid operations and power markets in their regions. Prepared at FERC's request, the report includes more than 50 metrics providing information on ISO/RTO electric system reliability, wholesale electricity market benefits, and organizational effectiveness. Read the news release or 2010 ISO/RTO Metrics Report.

Regional Planning Recently Asked Questions {12/1/2010}

One of the many benefits of regional planning is the additional transparency and visibility it brings to the process of building new transmission infrastructure. This "recently asked questions" document provides additional information about the roles of SPP, Transmission Owners, and regulators in the planning process, as well as about Priority Projects specifically.
FERC Finds SPP Compliant with Order 719 re: Governance/Responsiveness {11/1/2010}

In February of this year, FERC held a technical conference to discuss RTO governance and responsiveness to stakeholders, including board and stakeholder processes. Several SPP stakeholders participated and provided comments. FERC announced its finding that SPP complies with Order No. 719 and is (1) inclusive; (2) fair in balancing diverse interests; (3) represents minority interests; (4) responsive to stakeholders, continually evaluating its governance policies and stakeholder processes to consider how they may be improved. Read the FERC filing.
Historical Bids and Offers Now Posted {10/7/2010}

SPP is now posting historical bids and offers in compliance with FERC's September 16, 2010 Order in Docket No. ER09-1050. Bids and offers will be posted with a 90-day lag, and will include all bids and offers received for the specific day and time. There can be a maximum of 10 bid/offer pairs for each hour for each resource. Resource identities are masked. Please contact Patti Kelly with questions.
SPP Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Campus {9/30/2010}

SPP held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new $62 million campus; speakers included Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe, SPP President and CEO Nick Brown, Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce Chairman Barbara Graves, and SPP's Board of Directors Chairman Jim Eckelberger. Read more about SPP's new campus.
Learn More About Future Markets Sept. 16 {9/7/2010}

SPP is hosting two four-hour workshops to give Markets and Operations Policy Committee representatives and other stakeholders another opportunity to learn about Future Markets. Register for the Sept. 16 workshop in Dallas, which will cover:
 - Transmission Congestion Rights
 - Combined Cycle Methodology
 - 5-minute Settlements
 - Marginal Losses
The MOPC will vote on the Future Market Protocols at their October meeting. If you need a better understanding about the Future Markets design, this is a great chance to interact with SPP staff and get answers to your questions.
New Real-Time Data Added to {8/2/2010}

Our new LIP Contour Map page depicts market prices and grid congestion, and updates every 60 seconds (located under Market Info). The Non-Coincidental Peak Load page represents the sum of each footprint's members' peak energy use for a particular day (linked from Fast Facts page).
2010 Strategic Plan Approved {7/28/2010}

Strategic PlanThe Board of Directors approved the 2010 Strategic Plan, which was created by the Strategic Planning Committee with member input. Three foundational strategies and associated initiatives were developed to leverage SPP's capabilities and operational processes: Build a Robust Transmission System, Develop Efficient Market Processes, and Create Member Value.
SPP Wins Summer Cereal Drive {7/20/2010}

SPP is the winner of the 2010 THV Summer Cereal Drive, which collected food and monetary donations for the Arkansas Foodbank Network. Of over 100 Arkansas businesses, SPP employees made the largest donation of more than 14,000 boxes of cereal. The Arkansas Foodbank Network is one of many charitable organizations supported by SPP and its staff, including Heart of Arkansas United Way, Youth Home, Our House, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and the American Red Cross of Greater Arkansas.
Integrated Transmission Planning Process Approved by FERC {7/15/2010}

FERC approved SPP's Integrated Transmission Planning process (ITP), which was approved by the SPP Board of Directors in October 2009. "The ITP will assess the SPP region's transmission needs in the long-and near-term to create a cost-effective, flexible, and robust transmission network. More transmission means better access to our region's diverse generation resources," said SPP Senior Vice President of Engineering and Regulatory Policy Les Dillahunty. "Along with the recently-approved Highway/Byway cost allocation methodology, the ITP promotes transmission investment that will meet reliability, economic, and public policy needs."

According to FERC Chairman Wellinghoff, "SPP management and its Members have developed a proactive approach to planning…It is also a flexible approach that allows SPP and its stakeholders to regularly assess whether that process is achieving its objectives and to adjust as the needs of the system change...other regions may want to follow its lead." Read the FERC filing and FERC news release, or watch the FERC meeting.
FERC Approves New Cost Sharing Method for Expanding SPP’s Transmission Grid {6/17/2010}

FERC approved a new "Highway/Byway" method of sharing costs for new electric transmission in the SPP region. This approach, which assigns costs of high-voltage transmission regionally and lower-voltage locally, will help SPP and its members build a stronger transmission grid that will benefit the entire region.

"The SPP region is evolving from a utility-by-utility focus on 'keeping the lights on' at the local level to a region-wide focus on building a robust transmission system," said SPP President and CEO Nick Brown. "Sharing costs and benefits of more transmission highways and byways will increase our ability to deliver lower-cost power to customers, allow us to make the most efficient use of the region's diverse generating resources, and help us meet state and federal policy goals such as increased use of renewable energy. The electric grid is in use every second of every day, so the economics of transmission aren't just long-term but instantaneous. A robust grid optimizes economics and improves electric reliability." Read the full news releaseSPP's FERC filing, or the FERC Order

Priority Projects Approved - To Bring $3.7 Billion in Regional Benefits {4/27/2010}

The SPP Board of Directors and Members Committee approved for construction a group of "priority" high voltage electric transmission projects estimated to bring benefits of at least $3.7 billion to the SPP region over 40 years. The projects will improve the regional electric grid by reducing congestion on the power lines, better integrating SPP's east and west regions, improving SPP members' ability to deliver power to customers, and facilitating the addition of new renewable and non-renewable generation to the electric grid. SPP will issue notices to construct these projects pending successful implementation of its proposed Highway/Byway cost sharing proposal. Read the full release.
2009 Annual Report Published {4/26/2010}
SPP's 2009 Annual Report: Innovating. Evolving. Finding Balance highlights the year's major accomplishments. Read the annual report and financial statement. To request a printed copy, please contact Ronda Walters
SPP Proposes New Cost Sharing Method for Expanding Regional Transmission Grid {4/19/2010}

The SPP Board of Directors and Regional State Committee filed with FERC a new "Highway/Byway" method of sharing costs for electric transmission in the SPP region. "Most in the electric utility industry agree that new transmission is needed to continue delivering reliable and lower-cost electricity to consumers. The big question has been: Who will pay for that infrastructure?" said SPP President and CEO Nick Brown. "Deciding how to share the cost of expensive high-voltage transmission among all utilities will jump-start further expansion of our regional electric grid." Highways are high-voltage transmission projects above 300 kV; costs will be assigned to electric utilities across the entire SPP footprint based on their historic use of the region's transmission system. Byways are lower-voltage transmission projects; a formula will be used to assign costs more directly to the utility in whose service territory (zone) the project is located. Read the full release or the FERC filing.
North American Grid Operators Assess Impact of Electric Vehicles {3/23/2010}

As automakers ramp up production of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), a group of U.S. and Canadian power grid operators who manage most of the North American bulk electric grid, including SPP, collectively studied the effect that PEVs would have on the electric power grid. Assessment of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Integration with ISO/RTO Systems by the ISO/RTO Council is a new study that examines the technical hurdles and tools needed to foster the potential benefits of widespread use of PEVs. Among the study's conclusions:
• One million PEVs may be on U.S. roadways in a decade, with concentrations of the vehicles in the major metropolitan areas of the West Coast and the Northeast.
• Staggered charging of PEVs would reduce the potential negative impact on electric load.
• Power companies will need new tools to manage growth in PEV use. Read the full news release or download the study.
SPP To Build New Corporate Headquarters in Little Rock {2/26/2010}

SPP announced it will build a new corporate headquarters in Little Rock. According to SPP President and CEO Nick Brown, "Building a campus for all employees will bring efficiencies, allowing us to focus on helping our members keep the lights on, plan for needed high-voltage transmission facilities, and develop new energy markets that will benefit our region." SPP's new facility will contain a 150,000 square foot office building and a 33,000 square foot operations/data center. The building will be LEED certified, and SPP will preserve green spaces and many of the site's natural characteristics. Read the full release.
Barbara Sugg Elected Vice President, IT {2/1/2010}

The SPP Board of Directors elected Barbara Sugg as Vice President of Information Technology. This is a new position, created due to the increasingly critical role IT plays in advancing SPP's mission and objectives. As Vice President of IT, Sugg will direct the development, architecture, implementation, monitoring, support, security, and telecommunications services provided by SPP to its members and customers. She is responsible for establishing IT strategy and policies and developing the IT leadership team; the department has over 100 employees. Read the full release.
Wind Integration Study Identifies Challenges, Solutions to Adding More Wind Energy to Regional Electric Grid {1/19/2010}

The recently released SPP WITF Wind Integration Study, conducted by Charles River Associates, found that enhanced electricity reserves and major transmission reinforcements are needed to integrate higher levels of wind generation into the SPP transmission system and energy markets. If the needed transmission upgrades were completed, there would be no significant technical barriers or reliability impacts to integrating wind energy levels up to 20%. Currently, approximately 4% of the region's electricity is generated by wind. To accommodate increased west-to-east flows while meeting SPP's electric reliability standards: For the 10% case, new transmission lines totaling 1,260 miles of 345 kV and 40 miles of 230 kV lines are needed. For the 20% case, an additional 485 miles of 765 kV, 766 miles of 345 kV, 205 miles of 230 kV, and 25 miles of 115 kV lines are needed. Read the full news release or download the study.
Entergy Regional State Committee Formed {12/17/2009}

SPP Regional State Committee member and Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC) Chairman Paul Suskie has been elected President of the new Entergy Regional State Committee (E-RSC), designed to provide collective retail regulatory agency input on the operations of and upgrades to the Entergy Transmission System as well as operations and functions of the SPP Independent Coordinator of Transmission in the Entergy region. Members of the E-RSC are the APSC, Louisiana Public Service Commission, Mississippi Public Service Commission, Public Utility Commission of Texas, and the city of New Orleans' City Council. Read the APSC news release or access SPP's E-RSC page.

Register for Jan. 12 Future Markets Education Session {12/11/2009}

If you want to learn more about the energy markets SPP is developing, sign up now for the Future Markets Education Session on January 12, 2010 in New Orleans (preceding the Markets and Operations Policy Committee meeting). On the agenda:
  - Mid-Level Design walk-through
  - Detailed review of Auction Revenue Rights and Transmission Congestion Rights
  - Market design elements unique to SPP
  - Design issues to resolve
  - Next steps
Important decisions are being made now about SPP's future markets, so be sure and reserve your space today!
New Transmission Atlas Available {11/5/2009}
The SPP Transmission Atlas contains over 60 detailed maps that include transmission and generation assets, interstate highways, waterways, major urban areas, and more. The atlas includes an index with page numbers for each station and urban area in the SPP and Entergy footprints. Please visit our Request an SPP Map/Model page for detailed information about requesting your copy.
Federal Leadership Needed on Transmission Planning, Siting, and Cost Allocation {11/4/2009}

The SPP Board of Directors approved a new cost allocation methodology for new transmission in the SPP region. Also last week, FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff testified before the Committee on Environment and Public Works, stating, "A significant expansion of renewable resources in our electricity supply portfolio will require additional high-voltage transmission...It is highly unlikely that the inter-regional transmission facilities necessary to deliver the output of certain renewable resources will be constructed without additional federal planning, siting, and cost allocation authority… Legislation can help clarify the Commission's authority to allocate a project's costs reasonably among all of a project's beneficiaries. However, such legislation should avoid including unduly restrictive language on cost allocation, particularly language that would impose a requirement to calculate the precise monetary benefits expected to accrue from a new transmission facility."
According to SPP Senior Vice President of Engineering and Regulatory Policy Les Dillahunty, "SPP supports the need for federal leadership on issues of planning, siting, and paying for new transmission. SPP is working with stakeholders and regulators on important regional needs related to the integration of renewable resources, cost allocation, and transmission expansion. National direction is always important, and there are a host of pending national initiatives which, when resolved, will both clarify and impact these issues."
New Integrated Transmission Expansion Planning Process and Cost Allocation Methodology Approved {10/28/2009}

The SPP Board of Directors approved a new Integrated Transmission Planning (ITP) process that will determine what transmission is needed to maintain electric reliability and provide near- and long-term economic benefits to the SPP region.  Successful implementation of the ITP will result in a list of transmission expansion projects and completion dates that facilitate the creation of a reliable, robust, flexible and cost-effective transmission network that improves access to the SPP region's divers resources including its vast potential for renewable energy.  The ITP is an iterative three-year process that includes 20-Year, 10-Year, and Near-Term Assessments.  Read the full release.
Priority Transmission Expansion Projects Endorsed, Pending Further Study {10/27/2009}

The SPP Board of Directors approved a package of transmission expansion "Priority Projects" for further analysis and review by regional stakeholders. In January 2010, the following Priority Projects will be presented for approval to the Board of Directors and Regional State Committee of state regulators:

• 765 kV line in Kansas linking Spearville, a planned substation in Comanche County, Medicine Lodge, and Wichita, operated at 345 kV at an estimated cost of $518 million
• 765 kV line linking a planned substation in Comanche County, Kansas to the planned Woodward District EHV substation near Woodward, Oklahoma operated at 345 kV at an estimated cost of $135 million
• 345 kV double circuit line linking the Hitchland substation south of Guyman, Oklahoma to the planned Woodward District EHV substation near Woodward, Oklahoma at an estimated cost of $237 million
• 345 kV line from Cooper in the southeast corner of Nebraska through Maryville, Missouri to Sibley, just east of Kansas City, Missouri, at an estimated cost of $278 million
• 345 kV line from Valliant in southeast Oklahoma to Texarkana on the Texas-Arkansas state line, at an estimated cost of $131 million
• 138 kV reactor at a Tulsa, Oklahoma power station at an estimated cost of $842,000
Read the full release.
Economies of Scale: Benefits of SPP's Current and Future Energy Markets {10/26/2009}
SPP is making plans to implement  two new energy markets: Day Ahead and Ancillary Services. Read our new "Economies of Scale" brochure to learn more about SPP's current and future markets and the regional benefits they provide. Contact Ronda Walters for printed copies.
TFE Compliance Requirements Issued {10/13/2009}

NERC issued Compliance Process Bulletin #2009-007, Amended Interim Approach to Technical Feasibility Exceptions, which outlines interim requirements for seeking a Technical Feasibility Exception for requirements of NERC Reliability Standards CIP-002-1 through CIP-009-1. The bulletin defines specific obligations of the Responsible Entity, SPP RE, and NERC. The SPP RE has posted the Interim TFE Request Submission Guidance document and workbook. To take advantage of the Safe Harbor grace period, Table 1, 2, and 3 entities should submit TFE requests by January 31, 2010.
IRC Releases 2009 State of the Markets Report {9/22/2009}

In the 2009 State of the Markets Report released today, regional grid operators including SPP stated their analysis reveals that organized competitive markets are shattering barriers for renewable and demand response resources; creating new efficiencies in plant operations; significantly improving grid reliability; sending clear, timely, and transparent pricing signals; and expanding regional planning. Read the entire release.
New Email List for SPP Filings {9/1/2009}

In response to numerous requests from stakeholders, SPP has created the SPP Public Filings Exploder email list. Filings made and orders received by SPP (state and FERC) will be sent to this email list beginning September 1, 2009. Register for this exploder on the email list page. Filings and orders will be provided as either a link to FERC's e-library or as an attached document.
Benefits of a Transmission Superhighway {7/13/2009}
When the Eisenhower administration built the interstate highway system, their goal was to develop a network of public roads that would facilitate efficient transportation over long distances. SPP and our members want to build the electric equivalent of that system – an "interstate transmission superhighway" - that would serve as the backbone of a strong transmission grid, increase access to low-cost generation, improve reliability, and help our nation meet future needs. Read more about how a robust transmission grid benefits everyone. Contact Ronda Walters for printed copies of this brochure.
Residential Rate Impacts of Proposed Climate Change Legislation {6/25/2009}

Boston Pacific Company recently provided to the SPP Board of Directors an overview of proposed climate change legislation and its potential effect on the cost of producing electricity from coal- and natural gas-fired power plants (2008 State of the Market Report, page 94). Boston Pacific was asked to conduct further analysis of the impact of carbon emissions costs on a typical residential customer's monthly bill. Analysis determined the impact could result in monthly bill increases anywhere from 2.5% to 15.1% for a typical residential customer. Download the memo.
New OASIS To Be Implemented June 24 {6/17/2009}

SPP will cut over to the OATi OASIS system on June 24, 2009 beginning at 1:00 a.m. CDT. Get more information.
2008 Annual Report Published {5/5/2009}
The 2008 SPP Annual Report highlights the year's major accomplishments, including the addition of Nebraska and development of the balanced portfolio and other transmission plans. Read the annual report and financial statement. To request a printed copy, please contact Communications Manager Emily Pennel.
New Integrated Planning Process will Focus on Regional, EHV Transmission Expansion {4/29/2009}

The SPP Board of Directors approved a new report that recommends restructuring the organization's regional planning processes to focus on the construction of a robust transmission system, large enough in both scale and geography to provide flexibility to meet SPP's future needs. According to SPP Chief Operating Officer Carl Monroe, "It has been challenging for SPP and our members to manage the complexity of our different processes. It's time we simplify and focus on the big picture: proactively, not reactively, building a grid that will benefit customers across the region, for the long-term." The Synergistic Planning Project Team recommends moving to a "highway-byway" approach for funding transmission. The extra high voltage "highway" would be funded with a regional rate, and lower-voltage "byways" would be funded with local rates. Read the release.
Portfolio of New EHV Transmission Projects Approved: Benefits will be Balanced Across SPP Region {4/29/2009}

The SPP Regional State Committee and Board of Directors/Members Committee approved a long-awaited group of extra high voltage economic transmission expansion upgrade projects totaling over $700 million, to be funded by the application of FERC-approved "postage stamp" rates to SPP's transmission-owning members across the region. The benefits of this group of transmission upgrades have been demonstrated by model analysis to outweigh the costs, thus achieving a "balanced portfolio" of projects.Under the new balanced portfolio approach, SPP evaluates the benefits of a group of economic upgrades rather than evaluating individual upgrades on a project-by-project basis. A portfolio approach alleviates potential disputes that may arise from the construction of a single project that may benefit one zone but not others.
The balanced portfolio includes five new 345 kV transmission lines, a 345 kV transformer, and a new connection between two existing 345 kV lines. Read the release.
Dillahunty Speaks at New Mexico Energy Policy Conference {4/14/2009}

Today Les Dillahunty, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Regulatory Policy, spoke at the New Mexico Center for Energy Policy Energy Conference in Hobbs, New Mexico. His panel, titled Renewable Energy and Transmission (The Grid), also featured Rich Lordan, Technical Director of Power Delivery and Markets of the Electric Power Research Institute and Joel Bladow, Senior Vice-President of Transmission of the Generation and Transmission Association, Inc. Read Dillahunty's white paper on SPP's role in transmission expansion and integrating renewable energy to the grid.
Interconnection-Wide Planning Takes Shape {4/9/2009}

SPP joined 16 other U.S. and Canadian planning authorities this week to discuss interconnection-wide transmission planning for the eastern United States. The impetus for the meeting included the Obama administration's focus on the electric grid, integration of renewable energy, and call for an interconnection-wide planning authority; the need to improve energy security and reduce dependence on foreign oil; the ongoing climate change discussion and need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and the call to expedite siting and construction of new transmission.

There was broad agreement among the organizations to work together and involve all interested parties in achieving an eastern interconnection-wide transmission analysis. The group's first effort will be to review and "roll up" existing regional and interregional plans, then determine where enhancements can be made based on national policy direction. The group will not focus on cost allocation, siting, or energy policy; rather, its focus is coordinated, open, and transparent transmission analyses and planning. Close coordination with Canadian planning authorities will be essential.

In the next few months a steering committee and work teams will be created, objectives will identified, and analysis will begin. Dates have yet to be determined for a preliminary report and recommendations.
30-Day Comment Period Opens March 31st for UFLS Regional Standard {4/2/2009}

The SPP Automatic Underfrequency Load Shedding Program (PRC-006-SPP-01) Standard has been posted on the SPP Regional Standards Under Development page for the 30-day comment period from March 31-April 30, 2009.  Please use the comment form to submit comments on the draft standard and email to when complete.
Three Nebraska Utilities Complete Transition to SPP {4/1/2009}

Today Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD), Lincoln Electric System (LES), and Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) completed their transition to membership in SPP. SPP now serves as the reliability coordinator for the Nebraska entities, and is responsible for maintaining reliable operation of the bulk electric grid in the organizations' geographic area. With the addition of NPPD, LES, and OPPD, SPP's reliability coordinator geographic footprint expanded by 30%, and its miles of transmission lines increased 16%. The number of states in which SPP manages transmission increased from seven to eight. According to SPP President and CEO Nick Brown, "The addition of the Nebraska organizations will add more diversity to SPP's generation mix and broaden our regional energy marketplace, adding value for all of our members." Read the release.
Entergy and SPP ICT Weekly Procurement Process Successfully Launches {3/30/2009}

Entergy Services, Inc.'s first Weekly Procurement Process (WPP) was successfully completed on Friday, March 27 with oversight from SPP, which serves as the Independent Coordinator of Transmission (ICT) for Entergy. Implementing the WPP marks the culmination of a collaborative effort to develop a creative generation bid-based process that considers transmission limitations. Read the release.
Stacy Dochoda Appointed as SPP Regional Entity General Manager {3/17/2009}

The Southwest Power Pool, Inc. Regional Entity (SPP RE) Trustees appointed Stacy Dochoda as Regional Entity General Manager. In this position, Dochoda will report to the SPP RE Trustees, oversee the execution of strategic initiatives, and direct the RE's daily operations. As General Manager, Dochoda is responsible for achieving the SPP RE's mission of promoting a reliable bulk power system within the region and directing the SPP RE's performance of functions approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation. Prior to joining the SPP RE, Dochoda spent twenty-five years at Reliant Energy, Inc. and its predecessor Houston Lighting and Power Company.
2008 SPP Transmission Expansion Plan Approved (revised) {2/23/2009}

The SPP Board of Directors approved the 2008 SPP Transmission Expansion Plan (STEP), including recommendations for improving the electric grid of an eight state region. The 2008 STEP evaluates what changes are needed to keep the power system reliable and efficient over a 10-year horizon. It identifies approximately $2.7 billion in transmission upgrades, including 1,753 miles of new line construction and 80 new or upgraded transformers.The Board directed that financial commitments be made within four years for construction of $285 million in reliability projects and enhancements, a third of which are new transmission lines. Read the news release and 2008 STEP report (requires Adobe Reader 8).
ICT Issues Phase 2 of Strategic Transmission Expansion Plan for Entergy {2/13/2009}

SPP, acting as the Independent Coordinator of Transmission (ICT) for Entergy Services, issued phase two of a strategic transmission expansion plan for the Entergy system. Implementation of a long-term transmission expansion plan would enhance electric reliability and prepare for future growth and transmission needs. The ICT will continue to work with stakeholders to encourage broad participation in funding one project in phase two (South LA Bulk) and begin development of phase three of the study. Read more about the ICT, or read the report.
JCSP Study: Billions Needed to Deliver Wind Power to Eastern Interconnection {2/9/2009}

The Joint Coordinated System Plan (JCSP'08), the first step of a transmission and generation system expansion analysis of the majority of the Eastern Interconnection, estimates the electricity sector will need over $80 billion in new transmission infrastructure to obtain 20% of the region's electricity from wind generation. The study represents the collaborative efforts of Midwest ISO, SPP, PJM Interconnection, the Tennessee Valley Authority, Mid-Continent Area Power Pool (MAPP), and participants within SERC Reliability Corporation (SERC). Read the release.
SPP Regional Entity Hosts Compliance Workshop Feb. 24-25 {2/3/2009}

The SPP Regional Entity Spring 2009 Compliance Workshop in Little Rock, Arkansas, will include workshops on CIP standards, mitigation and CDMS, the audit process, settlements, event analysis, training opportunities, and more. Read the flyer and register for the workshop.
Bruce Rew Appointed as SPP Vice President of Engineering {2/2/2009}

At its January 27 meeting, the SPP Board of Directors elected Bruce Rew as Vice President of Engineering. In this position Rew will manage SPP's engineering functions, including planning for expansion of the electric transmission grid. Rew will also manage SPP's responsibilities as a service provider to other utilities. Read the release.
SPP Implements Project to Create Holistic Vision for Transmission Planning {1/29/2009}

At the SPP Board of Directors meeting on January 27, 2009, a Synergistic Planning Project (The Project) was endorsed to address gaps and conflicts between SPP's transmission planning processes and help position the organization to respond to the Obama administration's focus on improving our nation's electric infrastructure. According to SPP President and Chief Executive Officer Nick Brown, "We need to develop a holistic view of SPP's transmission planning processes, optimizing the individual processes and how they work together as a whole. Historically, system planning and cost recovery has been reactive and based on specific requests and projects. We need to shift to a broader, proactive approach to building and paying for transmission infrastructure." Read the release.
SPP ICT Facilitates Louisiana Transmission Project with Entergy, Cleco, LUS {1/19/2009}

As the Independent Coordinator of Transmission for Entergy Services, Inc., SPP facilitated an agreement between Cleco Power, Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, and Lafayette Utilities System to expand and upgrade the electric transmission infrastructure in south central Louisiana. The joint project includes upgrades to certain existing electric facilities as well as the construction of new substations, transmission lines, and capacitor banks, and the total estimated cost is approximately $200 million. All upgrades are expected to be completed between 2010 and 2012. The project will take place in an area the utilities call the "Acadiana Load Pocket," which is south of Highway 190 between the Atchafalaya Basin and Jennings, Louisiana. Read the full release.
SPP-ETI QPR Study Report Filed {12/17/2008}

SPP filed its SPP-ETI QPR Study Report on December 17, 2008. On November 28, 2007, the Public Utility Commission of Texas, in Docket 33687, ordered Entergy Gulf States, now Entergy Texas (ETI), to have SPP perform the analysis necessary to provide an "apples to apples" comparison of ERCOT and SPP as possible Qualified Power Regions (QPR) for ETI's proposed transition to retail competition. Read related materials.
SPP Files Tariff Revisions for Balanced Portfolio {12/16/2008}

On December 15, 2008, SPP submitted to FERC Tariff revisions regarding its "Balanced Portfolio" process, in which the cost of economic upgrades will be recovered through a regional postage stamp rate (Docket No. ER08-1419). In an October 16 statement, FERC Chairman Joseph T. Kelliher said, "One of the most difficult barriers to grid expansion is cost allocation and recovery. SPP and the Regional State Committee cut through the Gordian Knot of regional cost allocation problem with this filing. The SPP filing takes a portfolio approach, providing that a regional transmission plan for economic expansions must be both cost beneficial and balanced over a ten year period." Read the filing.
FERC Approves Revisions to Facilitate Nebraska Membership {12/3/2008}

FERC accepted SPP's proposed revisions and amendments to its Bylaws, Tariff, and Membership Agreement to facilitate the membership in SPP of Nebraska Public Power District, Omaha Public Power District, and Lincoln Electric System. Read the filing.

In a statement issued December 2, FERC Commissioner Philip Moeller stated, "I believe that this expansion will bring significant benefits to consumers in both the state of Nebraska and in the other eight states that already have utilities participating in the SPP. Consumers will benefit by both spreading the fixed costs of the RTO across a larger footprint, and by the improved efficiency and coordination available to Nebraska and all SPP members in the SPP market. This expansion is designed to provide Nebraska utilities with improved reliability, operational flexibility, and enhanced coordination -- all at a time when the nation, and the SPP in particular, is addressing transmission expansion and more efficient operation of the electric network."
SPP Files Tariff Revisions for New Nebraska Members {11/10/2008}

SPP filed with FERC revisions to its Open Access Transmission Tariff to create three new pricing zones comprising the transmission systems of the Nebraska Public Power District, Omaha Public Power District, and Lincoln Electric System, which have executed Membership Agreements with SPP and intend to transfer functional control of their transmission facilities to SPP by April 1, 2009. Read the filing.
Three Nebraska Utilities to Join SPP {9/30/2008}

Three public power utilities in Nebraska have signed membership agreements with SPP, which were submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission today. The three utilities plan to complete, by April 1, 2009, transition activities such as installing IT infrastructure and training staff, so they can fully participate in SPP services. Read the full news release and the FERC filing.
September 16 Meeting for SPP-ETI QPR Stakeholders {9/8/2008}

On November 28, 2007, the Public Utility Commission of Texas, in Docket 33687, ordered Entergy Gulf States, now Entergy Texas (ETI), to have SPP perform the analysis necessary to provide an "apples to apples" comparison of ERCOT and SPP as possible Qualified Power Regions (QPR) for ETI's proposed transition to retail competition. Read related materials or register for the meeting.
SPP Regional Entity to Host Fall 2008 Compliance Workshop {8/19/2008}

On September 23 and 24 the SPP Regional Entity will host the Fall 2008 Compliance Workshop in Tulsa, OK. Sessions will focus on CIP Standards, audit preparation, a review of the 2008 compliance program results, an overview of the 2009 program, and more. Seating is limited to the first 120 registrants. Register for the workshop or download the flyer.
New Peak Demand Record for Market Footprint {8/4/2008}

At 16:21 on August 4, 2008, SPP's market footprint experienced a coincidental peak demand of 36,541 megawatts. This surpasses its previous record of 35,910 megawatts set on August 14, 2007. With a coincidental peak of 43,129 megawatts, SPP's reliability region came close to its record peak of 43,346 megawatts set on August 14, 2007. SPP does not anticipate significant regional reliability concerns, and region-wide emergency conditions are considered unlikely.
August 13-14 CIP Cyber Security “How To” Workshop {7/21/2008}

SPP's Critical Infrastructure Protection Working Group and the SPP Regional Entity will host a "How To" workshop on CIP Cyber Security Standards August 13 and 14 at the Embassy Suites Outdoor World in Grapevine, Texas. Sessions will cover topics such as risk assessment methodology, incident response planning, and CIP Standards revisions. Download the flyer to find out more, or register for the event.
June 20 Meeting for SPP-ETI QPR Stakeholders {5/20/2008}

In November 2007, the Public Utility Commission of Texas, in Docket 33687, ordered Entergy Gulf States, now Entergy Texas (ETI), to have SPP perform the analysis necessary to provide an "apples to apples" comparison of ERCOT and SPP as possible Qualified Power Regions (QPR) for ETI's proposed transition to retail competition. Read related materials or register for the meeting.
SPP to Host Market Operations Users Conference {5/14/2008}

On June 10-12, SPP will host the first annual SPP Market Operations Users Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas. Participants will learn about Area Control Error (ACE) impact, system maintenance, real-time market information exchanges, SPP's market monitoring role, congestion management, IT systems change management, registration changes, and modeling coordination. The registration deadline is May 27, 2008. Register for the Market Operations Users Social and Conference. View the agenda.
First Year of SPP's Energy Imbalance Service Market a Success {4/28/2008}

Two recent studies determined that the first year of the SPP EIS market was successful. SPP performed a study that found net trade benefits of $103 million from the first year of market operation. Separately, Boston Pacific Company, Inc., SPP's External Market Advisor, published an annual report on SPP's electricity market conditions reflecting a robust market. Boston Pacific President Craig Roach stated, "The EIS market has been a success and should give the SPP board of directors and members the confidence to accelerate efforts toward creating new markets." The reports are available on the Market Reports page of For more information, read the news release.
SPP Elects Julian Brix to Board of Directors {4/22/2008}

The members of SPP elected Julian Brix of Williamsburg, Virginia to the SPP Board of Directors. Brix has a long history in the electric utility industry, including serving as president, CEO, and COO of Georgia Transmission Corporation; general manager of Cooperative Power; and general manager of Central Electric Power Cooperative. Most recently, Brix served as executive consultant for Brix International. Read the release.
2007 Annual Report Published {4/21/2008}
The 2007 SPP Annual Report highlights the year's major accomplishments, including launch of the Energy Imbalance Services market, Regional Entity implementation, and the opening of a new operations center. Read the annual report and financial statement. To request a printed copy, please email
New GIS Transmission System Map Available {4/4/2008}

The SPP Engineering Department has developed a new transmission system map in Geographic Information System (GIS) format, replacing previous AutoCAD versions. The new map more accurately represents transmission facilities in the SPP footprint. In the future, this map will be linked to a database containing additional information such as project tracking, physical, and technical transmission data. To request a map, submit the map request form.
EHV Study Updated / March 28 EHV Summit {3/3/2008}

Quanta Technology has updated its assessment of Extra High Voltage (EHV) overlay alternatives for SPP and neighboring systems, which would accommodate significant wind development and firm delivery of wind energy to SPP member systems and the Eastern and Western Interconnections. SPP is holding an EHV Overlay Summit on March 28th in Oklahoma City to present results of the updated study, gain feedback on the economic expansion planning assumptions/methodologies, and present preliminary economic results of the EHV alternatives. Register for the EHV Overlay Summit, read the updated EHV Study, or send us your questions or comments.
$2.2 Billion Transmission Expansion Plan 2008-2017 Approved {2/1/2008}

The SPP Board of Directors approved the $2.2 billion SPP Transmission Expansion Plan (STEP) 2008-2017 on January 29, 2008. SPP will now issue Notifications To Construct for approximately $700 million in reliability projects requiring financial commitments during 2008-2011.

Developed through the stakeholder process, the STEP 2008-2017 identifies regional solutions to regional transmission issues. Similar to the 2006 STEP, the scope of this long-range plan is forward-looking in steady-state and dynamic analysis using an extended ten-year planning horizon. In addition to traditional summer peak scenario analysis, the plan includes winter model analysis, reactive reserve margin analysis, evaluations of transmission operating directives, and economic screening and ranking of projects. Projects in the plan include new lines, line rebuilds, capacitor banks, transformers, substation upgrades, and voltage conversions. Read the STEP 2008-2017

Subscribe to Organizational Group E-Newsletter {1/31/2008}

The Org Report is a monthly e-newsletter that summarizes and shares information about SPP organizational groups - including key votes, decisions, and the development of initiatives. We hope The Org Report will give you a better understanding of SPP and how our organizational groups impact and inform each other. To subscribe, visit our Email List page, fill in the blanks, and select the Organizational Group E-Newsletter Exploder.
Transmission Expansion in Oklahoma and Beyond Summit {1/17/2008}

In support of the Oklahoma Electric Power Transmission Task Force (OEPTTF), SPP will host a summit on January 24th, in Oklahoma City. SPP is working with the OEPTTF on a transmission expansion study for wind development scenarios ranging from 1,000-6,000 megawatts in Oklahoma. The study will be based on the SPP Transmission Expansion Plan (STEP) 2008-2017. Since transmission expansion plans to accommodate wind developments in Oklahoma are affected by assumptions of wind development and transmission projects in Kansas and Texas, SPP's study will make comparable assumptions for wind development in those states. The goal of the summit is to share with stakeholders the study scope and milestones. The summit is free and open to the public. Read the agenda, read the study scope, or register for the event.
2008 NERC Compliance Workshop {12/20/2007}

The SPP Regional Entity is holding the 2008 NERC Compliance Rollout workshop on January 22-23 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The workshop will cover 2008 NERC standards, 2007 SPP Compliance Program results, relay maintenance/testing, Compliance Data Management System (CDMS) updates, NERC enforcement, and vegetation maintenance programs. There will also be a panel discussion on compliance audit preparation. Admission is free, but space is limited. Register for the workshop or learn more about the SPP Regional Entity.
ICT Issues Transmission Expansion Plan for Entergy {12/6/2007}

SPP, acting as the Independent Coordinator of Transmission (ICT) for Entergy Services, has issued phase one of a strategic transmission expansion plan for the Entergy system. Implementation of a long-term transmission expansion plan would enhance electric reliability and prepare for future growth and transmission needs. The ICT will solicit Entergy stakeholder comments over the next several months to enhance this initial plan. The final transmission expansion plan is scheduled to be issued next fall. Read more about the ICT, or read the ICT Transmission Strategic Expansion Plan (ISTEP) Report.
SPP Hosts CIP Cyber Security Standards Workshop {10/18/2007}

SPP is hosting a CIP Cyber Security Standards Workshop on November 7th in Little Rock. Participants will learn about the requirements of CIP-002-1 through CIP-009-1, which represent the most thorough attempt to date to address cyber security issues that relate to the bulk power system. The standards have an aggressive implementation schedule, with some requirements specifying full compliance by mid-2008 for many entities. Download the flyer or register for the event.
SPP To Participate in Nov. 1 Inter-Regional Planning Meeting {10/11/2007}

SPP is participating in a joint planning meeting with the Midwest ISO, PJM, and the Tennessee Valley Authority on November 1 in Pittsburgh, PA. The meeting will focus on the creation of an inter-regional, collaborative expansion plan to address reliability needs. Register for the meeting; view the meeting's agenda and presentation; or contact Jay Caspary for more information.
ISO/RTO Council to Hold Media Briefing October 16 {10/10/2007}

The ISO/RTO Council (IRC) will hold a media briefing Tuesday, October 16, 2007 in Washington, D.C., to introduce new reports focusing on the progress of organized markets, demand response, and renewable resources in the ISO/RTO regions. Read the release.
SPP Regional Entity to Host Compliance Workshop {8/19/2007}

On October 10 – 11 the SPP Regional Entity will host the Fall 2007 SPP Regional Entity Compliance Workshop in Tulsa, OK. Participants will be brought up-to-date on this year's compliance monitoring and enforcement program; learn about functional registration and the process by which regional standards are created; and get a sneak peek at the 2008 compliance program. A break-out session will be offered for new users of the Compliance Database Management System (CDMS). Register for the workshop or view the agenda.
SPP Sets New Peak Demand Record {8/15/2007}

At 16:22 on August 14, 2007, SPP successfully met a coincidental peak demand of 43,346 megawatts for the SPP reliability region. This surpasses the previous record of 43,022 megawatts set on August 13, 2007. Simultaneously on August 14, SPP's market footprint experienced a new all-time peak of 35,910 megawatts. SPP does not anticipate significant reliability concerns, and emergency conditions are considered unlikely.
SPP Issues EHV Overlay Report {6/27/2007}

SPP issued a report on its EHV Overlay Project, which provides innovative blueprints for the future of the transmission grid for SPP and its neighboring regions. This report, which was independently prepared by InfraSource Technology and PowerWorld Corporation, provides a strategic assessment of how to meet SPP's future reliability and capacity needs through the use of a 500 and 765 kV transmission system overlaying the existing SPP footprint and integrating with the existing EHV systems of Entergy, MISO, and PJM. Read the news release.
SPP Announces Regional Entity Trustees {6/26/2007}

On June 22, 2007, SPP Membership elected Mr. David Christiano, Mr. Gerry Burrows, and Mr. John Meyer to serve as the SPP Regional Entity (RE) Trustees. SPP was recently approved by FERC to serve as a NERC Regional Entity, overseeing standards development and compliance enforcement for the region. RE Trustees are charged with the oversight of SPP's RE function, including its administration, budgeting, staffing, and policy development. Read the news release.
IRC Launches New Website {6/21/2007}

The ISO/RTO Council (IRC) today announced the launch of its new Web site, designed to provide electric industry representatives, government officials, and electricity consumers a one-stop information resource about the IRC and its members. The IRC is an industry organization comprised of the 10 Independent System Operators (ISOs) and Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs) in the United States and Canada. Read the news release.
FERC Changes Date for Mandatory Reliability Standards to June 18 {5/31/2007}

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission announced a new effective date for mandatory Reliability Standards in the United States. The Reliability Standards, which were to become effective on June 4, 2007, will now become effective on June 18, 2007. Please visit for more information. 
2006 Annual Report Celebrates SPP's 65th Anniversary {4/25/2007}
Since 1941, SPP has worked to maintain electric reliability for the region, provide open access to the transmission system, and lead transmission expansion planning efforts. The 2006 Annual Report celebrates 65 years of service and highlights SPP's historical milestones and 2006 accomplishments. Read the report and financial statement.
ISO/RTOs Task Force Create Standards for Next Generation Grid/Market Operation Software {4/9/2007}

Holyoke, MA - A task force formed last year by a group of American and Canadian bulk power system operators has completed the first phase in creating standards for grid and market operation software systems – an architectural blueprint for how the industry's software applications should be developed and integrated. Read the release.
Board Approves Transmission Expansion Plan; Authorizes and Directs Construction {2/26/2007}

At their January meeting, the SPP Board of Directors approved the 2006-2016 SPP Transmission Expansion Plan (2006 STEP), which has undergone extensive stakeholder review and approval. This Board approval directs project owners to move forward with a list of reliability projects, including 345 kV lines from Potter, Texas to Roosevelt, New Mexico; from Spearville, Kansas to Mooreland, Oklahoma to Southwestern Public Service in Amarillo, Texas; and from Diana, Texas to Barton Chapel, Texas. The 2006 STEP is a long range plan for the SPP region, totaling $1.4 billion of investment in transmission expansion projects over a 10-year growth horizon.
NERC Functional Registration Deadline Feb. 28 {2/21/2007}

SPP is registering all entities within its footprint for the 15 NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) Functions under the new Electric Reliability Organization. Entities who need to register with SPP include Purchase/Selling Entities, Load Serving Entities, Generator Owners, Generator Operators, etc. Registration is due to SPP by February 28th, 2007. The registration form and definition/criteria are in the SPP Compliance folder of the online library.
SPP Launches Energy Market {2/1/2007}

On February 1, SPP launched its Energy Imbalance Services (EIS) Market when it began dispatching wholesale electricity. The wholesale energy market allows for more efficient deployment of generation across the SPP region through the establishment of an offer-based market for energy imbalance services. According to CEO Nick Brown, the successful market launch required intensive preparation, testing, and training of SPP staff and market participants. Read the news release.
FERC Accepts EIS Market Readiness Certification {1/26/2007}

On December 22, 2006, Southwest Power Pool, Inc. filed a Market Readiness Certification with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) stating its readiness to implement the Energy Imbalance Services Market on February 1, 2007. FERC found SPP's Certification to be in compliance and accepted the order. Read the FERC Order.
SPP Begins EIS Market Transition {1/24/2007}

SPP is transitioning into the organization's Energy Imbalance Services Market, which is scheduled to launch on February 1, 2007. Visit the Market Transition Status page for the latest status report and to view related documents.
SPP Contracts with InfraSource and PowerWorld {1/16/2007}

SPP is contracting with InfraSource and PowerWorld to conduct a strategic assessment regarding long-term reliability and economic needs via a 345-kV, 500-kV, and 765-kV or higher voltage transmission system to overlay the SPP footprint. InfraSource Services, Inc. provides power engineering consulting services and designs, builds, and maintains transmission and distribution networks. PowerWorld Corporation has partnered with IFS to provide technical support using the PowerWorld Simulator tool, which simulates high voltage power system operation. SPP has scheduled a kick-off meeting with InfraSource and PowerWorld on January 22-23, 2007.

Read the news release, or view the original RFP.
EIS Market Launch Set for February 1 {12/12/2006}

At its December 12 meeting, the SPP Board of Directors authorized staff to file certification with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for a February 1, 2007, implementation of SPP's Energy Imbalance Services Market.
RFP Issued for EHV Overlay {12/1/2006}

SPP issued a Request For Proposal from Transmission Design/Engineering Consultants and Architecture & Engineering Firms for a strategic assessment regarding long-term reliability and economic needs via a 345-kV, 500-kV, and 765-kV or higher voltage transmission system to overlay the SPP footprint. This assessment will investigate potential integration with neighboring systems to address future transmission needs and ensure an efficient and optimal transmission system. Responses are due December 29. Read the RFP or press release.
SPP Acts as ICT for Entergy {11/17/2006}

On November 17, SPP began acting as the Independent Coordinator of Transmission (ICT) for Entergy. As the ICT, SPP will assume the following responsibilities for Entergy: Reliability Coordination, Tariff Administration, AFC Calculation, Transmission Planning, and Operating OASIS. Executive Director of Contract Services Bruce Rew states, "This project will provide long-term benefits to SPP through enhanced coordination of neighboring transmission systems and by leveraging SPP's resources and experience to add value."

Board of Directors Votes Not to File Certification with FERC {10/26/2006}
At its October 24 meeting, SPP's Board of Directors voted not to file certification with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for a December 1 implementation of SPP's Energy Imbalance Services Market. The Board will meet again on December 12, at which time it will consider certifying for a February 1, 2007 launch.

Read SPP's notification to FERC of the delay.
Board of Directors Votes Not to File Certification with FERC {9/29/2006}
At its September 29 meeting, SPP's Board of Directors voted not to file certification with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for a Nov. 1 implementation of SPP's Energy Imbalance Services Market. The Board will meet again on Oct. 24, at which time it will consider certifying for a Dec. 1 launch.
SPP Functions as ITO for LG&E {9/1/2006}
On Sept. 1, SPP began functioning as the Independent Transmission Organization (ITO) for Louisville Gas and Electric. SPP is the first RTO to establish a contract services department that provides tariff administration to non-member transmission owners. 
SPP Power Systems Lab Created at UALR {8/8/2006}
SPP donated $95,000 to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock to establish a Power Systems Laboratory. The contribution provided software, hardware, and electrical motors for teaching power transmission. The gift will allow the CyberCollege to enhance its new degree programs in mechanical and electrical engineering. Press Release (168 KB pdf)
SPP Seeks to Become Regional Entity {7/20/2006}

On July 20, the North American Reliability Organization (NERC) was approved as the U.S. Electric Reliability Organization (ERO). In its new role, NERC may delegate limited authority to Regional Entities (REs) who will in turn develop and enforce standards in their geographic areas. SPP, a member of NERC since 1968, has led the development and implementation of voluntary reliability criteria throughout the southwest for years. As the ERO, NERC will rely on this experience and infrastructure to help meet its obligations.
Michael Desselle Joins SPP {7/10/2006}

Michael Desselle Joins SPP as Vice President of Process Integrity. Desselle joins us from American Electric Power, where he was Director of Public Policy. Desselle serves as Vice-Chair for the Wholesale Electric Quadrant of NAESB (North American Energy Standards Board) and is their Past Chairman and CEO.
The Power of Partnership: 2005 Annual Report {5/22/2006}
As a member-driven, relationship-based company, SPP is only as successful as our stakeholders say we are. This year, we asked a few of them to help us tell our story. View the report (5.9 MB pdf)
Redbud Energy Plans Upgrade at OG&E's Arcadia Substation {2/17/2006}
Redbud Energy, SPP, and OG&E Electric Services have agreed on a multi-million dollar plan for a capacity upgrade to OG&E's electrical transmission substation at Arcadia. Redbud Energy will fund the cost of the upgrade, and OG&E has fast-tracked construction. The Arcadia substation is part of OG&E's high-voltage electrical transmission loop around Oklahoma City.
Press Release (28 KB pdf)
Report Illustrates Value of Independent Management of Regional Electricity Systems {11/14/2005}

The ISO/RTO Council (IRC) today released an all-inclusive report that highlights the collective benefits and value regional transmission operators bring in managing the flow of electricity to two thirds of the U.S. population.
Press Release (44 KB pdf)
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