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Strategic Plan

SPP's 2014 Strategic Plan is driven by our vision for 2020. The strategies and initiatives will evolve as our vision becomes reality over the coming years.

Download the 2014 Strategic Plan.


The Strategic Plan envisions change ... change we can only anticipate today. The energy industry is still in a period of dynamic transformation. Many factors at work may significantly alter our industry's structure and will drive the future requirements for transmission capacity. The pace at which "game-changer" technologies are developed and adopted could accelerate changes to the current environment. Finally, changes in public policy relative to carbon emissions will change the mix of generation capacity used in the Integrated Marketplace's economic dispatch.

To continue to promote reliability excellence and meet our members' needs in the footprint, the Strategic Plan is intentionally flexible, providing for the investment in assets that allow both the market and regulation to serve the end users across the footprint in the most effective manner. The Plan positions us to fulfill our mission ("Helping our members work together to keep the lights on ... today and in the future") over the next decade and beyond.

The 2014 Strategic Plan introduces a fourth foundational strategy, Reliability Assurance, as its bedrock. The plan revises 2010's three foundational strategies anchored in the Mission Statement and the five components of SPP's Value Proposition to its members. The strategic initiatives related to each of the four interdependent Foundational Strategies will position SPP for the future, while balancing operational priorities and financial considerations.

1. Reliability Assurance:

  • Capacity Margin Refinement
  • Regional Resource Need and Value Assessment
  • Reliability Assessments of Environmental Rules
  • Integration of Variable Energy Resources
  • Grid Resiliency -- Cyber and Physical
  • Reliability Excellence
    • Relay Misoperations Improvement
    • Event Analysis

2. Maintain an Economical, Optimized Transmission System:

  • Integrated Transmission Planning Check and Adjust
  • Cost Controls on Competitive Transmission
  • Flexibility to Address Policy Initiatives
  • Value Pricing: Import/Export Strategy, and Cost Allocation
  • Fair and Equitable Cost/Benefit Allocation Policies

3. Enhance and Optimize Interdependent Systems

  • Transmission (Seams)
  • Optimize Market Efficiencies Along Seams
  • Optimize Natural Gas Pipeline System Seams
  • Optimize Data Seams
  • Integrated Marketplace Enhancements

4. Enhance Member Value and Affordability:

  • Communication Strategy on Value/Affordability
  • Fair and Equitable Cost/Benefit Allocation Policies
  • Project Management Office Best Practices and Rigor
  • Enhanced Market Analytics
  • Strategic Membership Expansion and Improved Stakeholder Processes
  • Communication and Education
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