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Strategic Plan

Foundational StrategiesDownload the 2010 Strategic Plan, which was approved by the SPP Board of Directors in July 2010.

The energy industry is in a period of dynamic transformation. There are many factors at work which may significantly alter the structure of the industry and will drive the future requirements for transmission capacity. The pace at which "game changer" technologies develop and are adopted has the potential to accelerate changes to the current environment. Change in public policy relative to carbon emissions, U.S. energy independence, and economic recovery may impact the economics and mix of generation capacity and use.

To continue to promote reliability excellence and meet our members' needs, the Strategic Planning Committee reassessed its 2008 Strategic Plan, positioning SPP to fulfill its mission statement over the next decade and beyond. The committee first established a baseline for where SPP is today, then reviewed alternative visions of how the industry may change over the next decade. Three foundational strategies and associated initiatives were developed to leverage SPP's capabilities and operational processes:

1. Build a Robust Transmission System:

  • Implement Priority Projects
  • Develop/Implement Integrated Transmission Planning Process
  • Regional Cost Recovery
  • Inter-Regional Optimization
  • Operational Optimization

2. Develop Efficient Market Processes:

  • Implement Day Ahead Market with Transmission Congestion Rights
  • Implement Reliability Unit Commitment Process
  • Incorporate Operating Reserves into Real Time Balancing and Day Ahead Markets
  • Implement Consolidated Balancing Authority
  • Demand Response Integration
  • Manage Implementation

3. Create Member Value:

  • Reliability Excellence
  • Benchmarking and Measurement
  • Enhance Market Monitoring Tools
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Strategic Membership Expansion
  • Communication and Education
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