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Registration & Certification

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Revised Bulk Electric System Definition

A new version of the Bulk Electric System (BES) definition was approved by FERC in Order 773 with a clarification issued in Order 773-A. NERC requested an extension to modify the definition slightly. The new effective date is July 1, 2014. The FERC Order allows Registered Entities to submit Exception Requests for elements that meet the BES definition but which the entity thinks are not part of the BES. NERC developed a software tool to collect Inclusion and Exclusion notifications due to the definition's change. Collection will start in mid-2014. 

Bulk power system owners, operators, and users located and/or operating in the SPP RE region that perform one or more of the functions below (as defined in the NERC Reliability Standards' Glossary of Terms with responsibilities designated by individual Reliability Standards and NERC Statement of Compliance Registry Criteria) must register with SPP RE for each function performed:

  • Reliability Coordinator (RC)
  • Balancing Authority (BA)
  • Transmission Operator (TOP)
  • Transmission Owners (TO)
  • Generator Operators (GOP)
  • Generator Owners (GO)
  • Transmission Service Providers (TSP)
  • Planning Authorities/Planning Coordinator (PA/PC)
  • Transmission Planners (TP)
  • Resource Planners (RP)
  • Load-Serving Entities (LSE)
  • Purchasing-Selling Entities (PSE)
  • Distribution Providers (DP)

Entities seeking to register shall complete a SPP RE NERC Functional Registration Process Form (Registration Application) and submit it to SPP RE. Once the registration process has been completed, the entity's registration data shall be placed on the NERC compliance registry.

The program, conducted by NERC and the Regional Entities, also confirms the functions and information for currently-registered entities.

When there is a change a Registered Entity's functions, it shall submit a revised Registration Application to the SPP RE for review and approval.

Entities registered as Reliability Coordinator (RC), Balancing Authority (BA), and Transmission Operator (TOP) are also required to be certified. The certification process is described in the NERC Registration and Certification Manual.

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