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Compliance & Enforcement

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The SPP RE Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) is administered by SPP RE direct staff. The SPP RE CMEP is organized into three groups: Compliance Monitoring- Traditional (693), Compliance Monitoring- Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), and Enforcement.

The SPP RE Compliance groups are responsible for registering Bulk Power System owners/operators/users and monitoring and assessing Registered Entities' compliance with NERC-approved reliability standards. The Compliance groups make the initial determination of a Registered Entity's compliance or non-compliance. Please send compliance questions to

The SPP RE Enforcement group reviews the Compliance groups' findings of non-compliance, notifies Registered Entities and NERC of possible violations, reviews and verifies Registered Entities' mitigation plans, determines proposed monetary penalties and non-monetary sanctions, and participates in settlement negotiations. Please send enforcement questions to

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