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The Modeling group creates and maintains the power flow models that are used by the Transmission Planning and Tariff Studies groups. They continuously coordinate data with members to ensure the models' accuracy: a critical step in making investments in our region's transmission grid.

The Modeling group introduced Model On Demand (MOD): a concept to develop power flow models. This is a new tool through which SPP members update their models via web-based applications, making the modeling process more efficient. This group also makes system-loss calculations, maintains SPP transmission maps and represents SPP on various national and subregional committees that conduct joint planning studies. The data created and reported by the Modeling group is stored on this website or in TrueShare, a website for file and correspondence exchanges.

For more information, please contact John Mills.

John Mills
Manager, Modeling
Southwest Power Pool, Inc.
201 Worthen Drive
Little Rock, AR 72223-4936

If you have any questions, please call (501) 614-3356.

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