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The world of compliance is ever-changing and always evolving. What was sufficient knowledge last year may be outdated this month. Simply keeping up with the knowledge is only the first part; the dissemination of that knowledge to our member entities is equally important.

As a result, the SPP Compliance Department takes the initiative of providing multiple avenues of educational and informative learning opportunities. Through Outreach efforts such as Forums, Monthly Compliance Calls and Industry Updates, we keep above the water with the changes for SPP Compliance internally, as well as for our member entities.

SPP Compliance Team - Contact Information

Member Outreach

Kim Van Brimer: (501) 482-2169

Ron Losh: (501) 482-2283

Regional Compliance Analyst

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

Lesley Bingham: (501) 688-1710

Matt Roberson: (501) 688-1626

Kevin Molder: (501) 482-2058

BA and IM Compliance

Lonnie Lindekugel: (501) 688-8276

Melissa Rinehart: (501) 688-1736

Engineering Compliance

Jonathan Hayes: (501) 614-3509

Melissa Rinehart: (501) 688-1736

Operations Compliance and Event Analysis

Melissa Rinehart: (501) 688-1736

Criteria & Tariff

Alison Hayes: (501) 688-1623

The SPP Compliance Department is here to help with your compliance needs or concerns. Please submit feedback or questions to:

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