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The Southwest Power Pool Regional Entity (SPP RE), an independent and functionally separate division of SPP, was created to fulfill the duties specified in the FERC-approved Regional Entity Delegation Agreement between SPP and NERC. As a NERC Regional Entity, SPP RE promotes and works to improve bulk power system (BPS) reliability by overseeing regional reliability standard development; monitoring and enforcing registered entities' compliance with reliability standards; assessing and evaluating BPS reliability; and providing technical expertise and assistance to BPS owners, operators and users, in particular registered entities located within SPP RE's footprint - an eight-state area including all or parts of Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Read the SPP RE Strategic Plan.SPP RE is authorized to levy financial sanctions on registered entities for failure to comply with FERC-approved NERC and SPP reliability standards. SPP RE's authority comes from the FERC-approved Regional Entity Delegation Agreement.

Contact compliance staff at and enforcement staff at

SPP RE performs the following activities in the execution of its delegated functions and in support of NERC's responsibilities as the electric reliability organization (ERO):

Activities performed in each of these programs are detailed in the SPP RE's Business Plan and Budget.

SPP RE is governed by three independent Regional Entity Trustees who operate separately from the SPP, Inc. Board of Directors. The Trustees have autonomy over decisions in fund allocation and SPP RE budget approval, as well as oversight of SPP RE decisions on regional standards, compliance enforcement actions, and penalties. SPP RE's General Manager reports directly to the SPP RE Trustees. Only the Trustees and certain SPP RE staff members have authority to make compliance and enforcement decisions. SPP RE staff is independent of all BPS users, owners, and operators. View the SPP RE Organizational Chart. SPP RE's governance, which has been approved by NERC and FERC, meets the requirements of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

The SPP RE compliance phone line, 888-394-2292, allows stakeholders to share concerns or feedback directly with the SPP RE Trustees. The phone line is staffed by a third-party provider who will ask callers if they wish to remain anonymous. While SPP RE staff is always available to answer questions and discuss issues, this phone line is another tool for addressing compliance concerns.

SPP RE is funded by Load Serving Entities (LSEs), which NERC bills quarterly for their share of the RE and NERC budgets. Invoices are based on the LSE's annual Net Energy for Load calculations, which must be annually reported to SPP Customer Service each year by May 1.

The SPP RE budget provides funding for all programs included in the SPP RE Delegation Agreement. SPP RE Trustees have authority over the SPP RE budget and are responsible for completing an annual Business Plan and Budget, which is submitted by NERC (on SPP's behalf) to FERC for final approval each August.

SPP maintains a list of LSEs and their contacts for billing purposes; contact the SPP Customer Relations Department for more information.

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