Balance is the theme of of the 2018 Annual Report.

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As it turns five, the SPP Integrated Marketplace is saving participants billions.

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WREC Face to Face July 17, 2019
ESWG Face to Face July 17-18, 2019
CAWG Mtg July 17, 2019
CPWG Mtg July 18, 2019
OMS/RSC Seams Mtg July 21, 2019
MDWG Short Circuit FG Net Conference July 23, 2019
MWG Face to Face July 23-24, 2019
Portal 3.0 UAA 1.0 Training and Testing Kickoff 20190724 July 24, 2019
SPCWG Face to Face July 24-25, 2019
Regional Tariff Working Group Meeting 20190725 July 25, 2019
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