Digital Certification Registration for SPP Oasis

Digital Certificate Registration for SPP OASIS

x.509 Digital Certificates must be used to access the SPP OASIS.


Obtaining and Installing New Certificates

Federal and state commissions may obtain certificates from third party vendors per OATI policy. Please contact the vendor's help desk for more information.

Certificates must be obtained from OATI. Contact their help desk:

OATI Help Desk: 763-201-2020

*Note: Customers must work entirely with OATI to obtain, configure and manage the certificates.   SPP cannot guarantee the level of support or reliability that a customer may receive from a third party service.

Installing x.509 Certificates

The installation of x.509 certificates may vary with different browsers and different browser versions. Check with OATI for installation assistance.


Registering Certificates for Access to the SPP OASIS Node

Note: The SPP OASIS is located at

Visitor Level Access (Query Only)

All users with valid certificates from an approved vendor will be granted visitor access to SPP OASIS. SPP reserves the right to change this policy in the future.

Customer Level Access

Users and access is managed through OATI policy.  Questions should be directed to OATI personnel.

OATI Help Desk: 763-201-2020




Renewing Existing Certificate

Important Note: All x.509 certificates expire two (2) years from date of issue. 

Contact SPP's Customer Relations Department at (501) 614-3200 or via the RMS if you need further assistance or have any questions.