GI Queue Application Process

The GI Study Process involves a progressive cluster-study methodology affording participants several windows of opportunity throughout the calendar year to submit their generation interconnection requests for validation and study. Feasibility Cluster Study windows open and close four times per 12-month period. The larger Interconnection System Impact Study Cluster windows open and close only two times per 12-month period. Active Generation Interconnection projects listed in the public SPP GI Queue and status changes week-to-week. The Feasibility Cluster Studies (FCS) and Preliminary Interconnection System Impact Studies (PISIS) are an optional entry point for GI requests. However, the Definitive Interconnection System Impact Studies (DISIS) and Transmission Owner Facilities Studies (IFS) are mandatory, prior to entering the Generator Interconnection Agreement (GIA) phase. All final report results for Generator Interconnection Studies are posted in a public domain, sorted by issue-year for the SPP GI Queue number or by Cluster Study year, separated into Feasibility Studies, Impact Studies and Facility Studies.

Initiating the generator interconnection request begins with the timely submission of the application set per SPP Tariff Attachment V, Section 3.1 Valid Interconnection Request. Minimally, your application set must include a) $10,000 application deposit; b) fully completed Appendix 1 To GIP Interconnection Request for a Generating Facility Form; and c) Demonstration of sufficient Site Control (if required).

Upon review and validation of your interconnection request application, SPP will notify you of the validation and issue an SPP GI Queue Number, to be used for all future references. SPP cannot validate your request until all required material has been submitted, reviewed and accepted, as per SPP Tariff Attachment V, Section 3.3.1. Failure to provide the required application set deposit, forms or other required information may result in withdrawal of your submission. You may mail your application set and payment to SPP or email the documentation and submit a banking wire transaction for the application deposit. Deposits provided pursuant to this initial application process shall be applied toward the interconnection study costs of the request.

Based on your election of the participating Study Phase identified in your completed Appendix 1 to GIP Interconnection Request for a Generating Facility Form, SPP will provide an executable Study Agreement and detail on required study deposits, financial securities and other information necessary to complete your study request. The study agreements and all required information for the study phase identified in Appendix 1 shall be returned no later than the dates identified in the GIP for those study phases. Submitting Appendix 1 information to SPP early in the queue window will assure that Interconnection Requests do not miss their intended study window.”