GI Study Application Process

When the generator interconnection request has been received and validated, an SPP GI Queue number will be issued, and the request will be entered into the SPP GI Queue. Concurrent to notification of a valid request, SPP will issue an executable Study Agreement based on the study phase elected in the Appendix 1 to GIP Interconnection Request for a Generating Facility Form. Under this subsequent phase in the GIP process, the Interconnection Customer must return the signed Study Agreement. All Study Deposit payments and securities, and any additional information requested by SPP GI Studies Engineering to fulfill business or technical requirements must also accompany the executed Study Agreement. Failure to submit all required information, including deposits and securities payments, may result in withdrawal of the generation interconnection request.

Upon review and acceptance of the Study Agreement and associated content, SPP will notify the Interconnection Customer of acceptance. Upon SPP's conclusion of the study results, the report will be posted and the Interconnection Customer will be notified where on the GI Study Reports page it can be found.