SPP Maps and Models: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GIS-based Transmission Map? 

GIS stands for Geographic Information System. The GIS software provider ESRI defines GIS as follows:  GIS integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, managing, analyzing and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information. 

GIS is a tool that allows us to visualize data in a way that can reveal relationships, patterns and trends in an easy-to-view format, in addition to being a general mapping tool for visualizing the transmission grid as it exists within the SPP footprint. 

What software is used to develop the GIS-based Transmission Map?

SPP is using ESRI ArcGIS and Mapping Software to develop the SPP transmission map and atlas.

Which software was used to develop the Powerflow and Dynamic Models?

SPP is using Siemens PSS/E model building software to develop the SPP powerflow and dynamic models.

Who maintains the SPP Transmission Map?

The SPP Modeling Department maintains the SPP transmission map and powerflow/stability models.

Are all areas of the SPP map geographically accurate?

No. Not all areas in the SPP footprint are based on GIS. The non-GIS areas are represented using the prior AutoCAD version of the SPP transmission map along with AutoCAD data provided to SPP from members and nonmembers.

Who may submit changes to the SPP Transmission Map?

Any SPP stakeholder or SPP staff member may request changes to the SPP Transmission Map by submitting a request via SPP's Request Management System

In what format are map changes submitted to SPP?

GIS format (preferred format)
AutoCAD Format (If GIS data is not available)

How frequently is a new version of the SPP map released?

A new SPP transmission map/atlas is released annually around April 1.

How do I request the latest release of the SPP transmission map/atlas/model(s)?

To submit your request, complete the appropriate forms available at www.spp.org. After all of your information and payment have been received, if you are requesting models, a link to the data will be emailed to you through the SPP online data-sharing account on trueshare.com. Maps and atlases will be mailed in 5-7 business days after the required payment has been received.

How frequently are the SPP powerflow and dynamic models updated? 

The build one (B1) powerflow models are released in January. The build two (B2) models are released in May. The dynamic models are released in June. 

Can I obtain an electronic (PDF) copy of the SPP transmission map?

Electronic copies of the SPP transmission map are currently available to SPP members and transmission customers.

Is there a fee for the SPP transmission map/atlas/models?

SPP members and transmission customers may receive three atlases per calendar year and up to 10 SPP transmission maps per company per quarter at no cost. All other charges are identified on the SPP Transmission Map and/or Model Order Form.

Who do I contact for any additional map or model-related questions?

Any SPP stakeholder or SPP staff member may request changes to the SPP Transmission Map by submitting a request via SPP's Request Management System and selecting "Order Transmission Map/Model" quick pick.