Research, Development & Tariff Services


As the evolving electric power industry introduces new complexities, stakeholders must change their methods of doing business. Concluding that our awareness and understanding of these complexities is critical, SPP participates in numerous research programs. Our goals are to guide the industry in the best direction based on topics of concern, participate by providing relevant needed data and to provide industry expertise.

SPP participates in research with the following organizations: EPRIPSERCIEEEPower and Energy SocietyGRAPES.


SPP believes its staff should be the best and brightest. Accordingly, our program is aimed at providing excellence in education and training. To achieve this goal, training programs and sessions have been created. Additional programs are developed as necessary to further knowledge and expertise. New planning tools and methods are explored and evaluated as well to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Programs: Engineering-U | Engineering Development Program | Engineering Rotation Program | P.E. Test Preparation

Special Studies

Special studies are performed as required. See folders at right for details on past and present studies.

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