SPP Revision Requests

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A request to make additions, edits, deletions, revisions, or clarifications to the SPP Business Practices, SPP Operating Criteria, SPP Planning CriteriaSPP Market Protocols, and SPP Open Access Transmission Tariff including any attachments and exhibits to these documents, except for Appendix F of the Market Protocols, is called a "Revision Request" (RR).  Unless specifically provided in other sections of these documents, all changes shall follow the SPP Revision Request Process. 

Revision Request and Revision Request Comment Forms are located in the RR Forms folder.  Completed forms should be submitted to the SPP Request Management System (RMS). For guidelines on submitting revision requests or comments, please refer to the "FAQs - Revision Request Process" located in the RR Process folder.

Revision Requests (RRs) now in the approval process or already approved are located in the Revision Requests folder.

Archive Revision Request Documents