Mountain West Public Stakeholder Meetings

The Mountain Transmission Group – an informal collaboration of electricity service providers working to develop strategies to adapt to changes in the electric industry - began discussions in 2013 to evaluate a suite of options ranging from a common transmission tariff to regional transmission organization (RTO) participation. The group announced in January 2017 that they would commence discussions with SPP to explore membership in the RTO and its wholesale electricity markets and subsequently announced on September 22, 2017 their intent to pursue RTO membership with SPP.

Following public meetings on Oct. 13 and 16, 2017, SPP will facilitate, through its stakeholder process, negotiations regarding the terms and conditions of Mountain West’s membership among its staff and existing member companies and the members of the Mountain West Transmission Group. Current assumptions anticipate full integration of Mountain West as members of SPP in late 2019. Negotiations will occur throughout, but it is assumed requisite filings will be made with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and other governing bodies (including Mountain West’s state bodies) in mid-2018.

Media Contacts:

  • Derek Wingfield (Southwest Power Pool): 501-614-3394, dwingfield[at]
  • Jen Neville (Western Area Power Administration): neville[at]
  • Mark Stutz (Xcel Energy): mark.stutz[at]

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