March 12, 2020

A message to stakeholders re: SPP's COVID-19 response

Stakeholders -

As you’re likely aware, circumstances around the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus continue to evolve rapidly. Though SPP remains well-equipped to provide our critical services with the same degree of quality you’ve come to expect, the continued spread of the COVID-19 virus has prompted us to take several steps to safeguard the health and safety of all SPP stakeholders and the people with whom we work. Beginning immediately:

  1. Stakeholder meetings scheduled through at least the end of April will be converted to virtual meetings. Watch for additional information from working-group staff secretaries and other meeting coordinators with instructions for participation.

  2. Access to SPP facilities by all non-essential visitors is prohibited.

  3. All business travel by employees is prohibited until further notice and at least until May 1.

Our incident coordination team continues to work closely with local, state and federal agencies and is meeting daily to assess whether additional safeguards are appropriate. We’ll work to keep you updated via emails like this and notices in the newsroom.

We regret any inconvenience these measures cause but feel they are reasonable and appropriate given the current circumstances. We will work as best we can with these restrictions in place to continue to provide excellent service to our stakeholders and business community, and we wish all of you continued health and safety.

You can direct questions to your customer relations representative or to

Derek Wingfield, 501-614-3394,