Holistic Integrated Tariff Team

In March 2018, the SPP Board of Directors and Members Committee created the Holistic Integrated Tariff Team (HITT) to comprehensively review SPP’s cost allocation model, transmission planning processes, Integrated Marketplace and real-time operations. Fifteen stakeholders were appointed to the team representing members, state regulators and the board.

The HITT spent over a year discussing and debating issues, keeping in mind the highly interdependent nature of SPP’s processes and how changes to one area would impact others. In June 2019, the team published a report recommending a suite of 21 recommendations that will:

  • Ensure reliability for a changing generation mix and new technologies.
  • Align transmission planning and cost allocation with SPP’s market and consolidated Balancing Authority.
  • Enhance the Integrated Marketplace to reliably deliver low-cost energy to customers.

In July 2019, the SPP Board of Directors and Members Committee approved the recommendations.

SPP’s working groups  —  including the Market Working Group, Regional State Committee and Cost Allocation Working Group  —  will implement the recommendations. More information on each recommendation, along with a timeline and action plan, are included in the report.

The following materials are posted in the related documents section to the right.

  • “Holistic Integrated Transmission Team Report: Preparing for a reliable and cost-effective future”
  • Brief summary of HITT recommendations (one-page PDF)
  • Detailed summary of HITT recommendations (eight-page PDF)
  • Board presentation on HITT report

The HITT page includes meeting minutes and materials.