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The SPP RE Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) is administered by SPP RE direct staff. The SPP RE CMEP is organized into three groups: Compliance Monitoring- Traditional (693), Compliance Monitoring- Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), and Enforcement.


The SPP RE Compliance groups are responsible for registering Bulk Power System owners/operators/users and monitoring and assessing Registered Entities' compliance with NERC-approved reliability standards. The Compliance groups make the initial determination of a Registered Entity's compliance or non-compliance. Please send compliance questions to


The SPP RE Enforcement group reviews the Compliance groups' findings of noncompliance, notifies Registered Entities and NERC of possible violations, reviews and verifies Registered Entities' mitigation plans, determines proposed monetary penalties and non-monetary sanctions, and participates in settlement negotiations. Please send enforcement questions to

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