Event Analysis & Reliability Assessments

The SPP RE Event Analysis group analyzes Bulk Power System events and their causes, tracks corrective actions to prevent recurrence, and provides regional lessons learned to the industry. The group works with NERC's Event Analysis program on reliability trend analysiscause analysislessons learned and standards development, which all support continued reliability improvement.

The Reliability Assessment group provides regional information to NERC for its annual Long-Term, Summer, and Winter Reliability Assessments and Special Assessments that are conducted on a regional, interregional or interconnection-wide basis.

Registered Entities should submit disturbance and event information to SPPEVENTS@spp.org (SPP region) or MISOEVENTS@spp.org (MISO region). 

Disturbance Reporting

Contact Alan Wahlstrom with questions about Events Analysis or Reliability Assessments.