Video Library

SPP RE has recorded a video library of staff, stakeholders, and guest speakers presenting on a number of topics.

Look under each video for a link to the slide deck.

If you have questions about the videos, please contact Emily Pennel.

101 SPP RE
Active Vulnerability Assessments
Audit Processes & Sampling
Audits: Top 10 Ways to Prepare
C2M2: Cyber Security Capability Maturity Model
CIP-003 R5
CIP-006: Physical Security
CIP-007: R1 System Configuration
CIP-014-02 and Physical Security
CIP-014: What to Expect
CIP Awareness and Training
CIP Training Doesn't Kill People; Boring Kills People
CIP V5 - Low Impact BES Cyber Systems
CIP V5 - Preparing for Audit
CIP V5 - Transient Cyber Assets & Removable Media
CIP V5 Change Management CIP-010-1 R1 & R2
CIP V5 External Routable Connectivity Video
CIP V5 Identifying BES Cyber Systems
CIP V5 Interactive Remote Access
CIP V5 Low Impact Auditing
CIP V5 Personnel Risk Assessments
CIP V5 Physical Security Perimeter
CIP V5 Transition Lessons Learned and FAQ
CIP V5 Virtualization
Compliance Education at My Organization
Compliance Strategy - 5 year
EFT Server
EMS-Related Lessons Learned
EOP-008-1, CIP-008-3, CIP-009-3 Continuing Reliable Operations
Event Analysis - Entity Perspective
Evidence Submission
Firewalls: 13 Ways to Break Through
How to Hash
Human Performance: Entity Perspectives & Experiences
Human performance: Impact on reliability
Internal Compliance Programs
Internal Compliance Programs - Q&A
Internal Control Evaluation - Cleco
Internal Controls- Registered Entity Perspectives
Internal Controls - Stakeholder Panel
Internal Controls CIP
Internal Controls: A Necessity for Effective Compliance Programs (CLECO)
Internal Controls Panel Sept. 2015
Misoperations Lessons Learned
Mitigation Overview
Mitigation Plans
Mock 693 Audit
Most Violated Standards in SPP RE
Port Scans & Configuration of PSP Maintenance Laptop
PRC-005 - Compliance with New Versions
Process Development Simplified
Relay Performance Update - NERC
Risk-Based Compliance Monitoring - Registered Entity Activities
Root Cause Anaylsis
Self-Reporting: When and How
Standards - How to Read & Understand
Technical Feasibility Exception Process
TOP-001-2, TOP-002-4, TOP-003-3
TOP-004 R4 - Unknown Operating States
Training Employees on Compliance
Ukraine Attack and CIP Standards