Video Library

SPP RE has recorded a video library of staff, stakeholders, and guest speakers presenting on a number of topics.

Look under each video for a link to the slide deck.

If you have questions about the videos, please contact Emily Pennel.

101 SPP RE
Active Vulnerability Assessments
Audit Prep - CIP V5
Audit Processes & Sampling
Audit Success IPL
Audits: Top 10 Ways to Prepare
BES Cyber System Identification
C2M2: Cyber Security Capability Maturity Model
Certification Process  
CIP-003 R5
CIP-003-6: Low Impact BES Cyber Systems
CIP-004-3/R3: Personnel Risk Assessments
CIP-005 Electronic Access Controls
CIP-006: Physical Security
CIP-007: R1 System Configuration
CIP-010-1 R1 & R2 Change Management
CIP-010-2 R4 - Transient Cyber Assets & Removable Media
CIP-014-02 and Physical Security
CIP-014: What to Expect
CIP Awareness and Training
CIP Training and Awareness – Curricula
CIP Training Doesn't Kill People; Boring Kills People
CIP V5 Transition Lessons Learned and FAQ
Compliance Education at My Organization
Compliance Strategy - 5 year
EFT Server
EMS-Related Lessons Learned
EOP-008-1, CIP-008-3, CIP-009-3 Continuing Reliable Operations
Event Analysis - Entity Perspective
Evidence Submission
External Routable Connectivity Video
Firewalls: 13 Ways to Break Through
How to Hash
Human Performance: Entity Perspectives & Experiences
Human performance: Impact on reliability
Interactive Remote Access
Internal Compliance Programs
Internal Compliance Programs - Q&A
Internal Control Evaluation - Cleco
Internal Controls- Registered Entity Perspectives
Internal Controls - Stakeholder Panel
Internal Controls CIP
Internal Controls: A Necessity for Effective Compliance Programs (CLECO)
Internal Controls Panel Sept. 2015
Internet of Things/Using Shodan
Low Impact Auditing
Low Impact Only Audits
Misoperations Lessons Learned
Mitigation Overview
Mitigation Plans
Mock 693 Audit
Most Violated Standards in SPP RE
Physical Security Perimeter
Port Scans & Configuration of PSP Maintenance Laptop
PRC-005 - Compliance with New Versions
Process Development Simplified
Relay Performance Update - NERC
Risk-Based Compliance Monitoring - Registered Entity Activities
Root Cause Anaylsis
Self-Reporting: When and How
Standards - How to Read & Understand
Technical Feasibility Exception Process
TOP-001-2, TOP-002-4, TOP-003-3
TOP-004 R4 - Unknown Operating States
Training Employees on Compliance
Ukraine Attack and CIP Standards