Become a Member

Member status entitles your company to voting privileges and decision-making rights as a participant in select organizational groups. All SPP members will be subject to an annual membership fee to recover the costs incurred by SPP related to maintaining reliability criteria and related compliance. Members without "Net Energy for Load" within SPP will pay an annual membership fee of $6,000, or other amount established by the Board of Directors. Those members serving load will be subject to a fee based on their annual net energy for load within SPP for the preceding year. Membership fees are not subject to refund.

Member Registration Process

Step 1

Read and complete the membership agreement and contact sheet

Step 2

Return the signed agreement page, contact sheet and membership fee.

Send to:

Southwest Power Pool
Attn: Russell Quattlebaum
201 Worthen Drive
Little Rock, AR 72223

Step 3

SPP receives the documentation and processes the payment.

Step 4

The Customer Relations Manager will send a welcome letter to the individual who signed the Membership Agreement for your company.

Additional Inquiries

For additional inquiries, please contact:
Russell L. Quattlebaum
Manager, Customer Relations

Direct: (501) 614-3520
Mobile: (501) 690-5415
Fax: (501) 482-2009