Become a Transmission Customer

Having Transmission Customer status allows your company to do business with SPP on the Open Access Same-Time Information System* (OASIS). No annual fee is required to become a SPP Transmission Customer.

Customer Registration Time Line

Registration to become a SPP Transmission Customer is a 45-day process. Transmission Customers become active in SPP models on the first day of each month. For example: A company requesting the production date of June 1 should have all completed documents submitted on or before April 15.

Customer Registration Process

Step 1

  • Please create a Request Management System (RMS) account (if you have not already done so). 
  • Submit a RMS ticket. 
  • Use the Quick Pick option and select “Registration Inquiry”.
  • Check the box “Include Attachment(s) (upload screen will display on submit)”.
  • Click the “Submit” button to finalize your submission.
  • Note: Attachments can be uploaded in increments of no more than three (3) attachments at one time. Additional attachments can be added (in increments of three) by going back to the attachments option in the menu field.

Step 2

Complete both Transmission Service Agreements for the desired types of service.

Step 3

Be sure to include the following documents (as attachments) within your RMS ticket:

Step 4

Your Local Security Administrator will need to obtain a digital certificate from Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI).  To begin the process of obtaining an OATI webCARES Digital Certificate, please contact OATI webCARES Support at (763) 201-2020 or for more information about pricing, signing of a webCARES User Agreement, and the Security Officer verification process.

If you have a digital certificate, your registered certificate information can be obtain here.

* Open Access Same-Time Information System (OASIS)

OASIS is an electronic posting system that the Transmission Service Provider maintains for transmission access data and that allows all transmission customers to view the data simultaneously.

** Local Security Administrator (LSA)

LSA is the primary person at an entity who sets up user access to Integrated Marketplace applications, and they are able to:

  • Add, edit, and delete users
  • Assign and remove roles from users
  • Add, change, and remove user access from the MCST application
  • Vet and approve users requesting RMS access

Note: All transmission service settlement invoices, statements, and additional information have remained in the SPP EIS Portal. A digital certificate will be needed for the LSA. This certificate can be the same certificate used for the Integrated Marketplace. 

Additional Information

If you need additional information, please call the Onboarding Specialist at (501) 688-8316.