SPP’s GridEx IV Fact Sheet

Nov. 15-16, 2017


SPP has participated in different capacities in all four GridEx exercises hosted by NERC every year it has been conducted. SPP participated in GridEx I as an observer and each following year’s exercises as a player. SPP is committed to utilizing the GridEx exercises to continue improve our response and recovery capabilities to a physical and/or cyberattack on the Bulk Electric System (BES). Each year of GridEx, SPP works with its member companies, external partners, vendors and more to create a realistic and plausible exercise for everyone to work through to improve not only SPP’s capabilities but also our members’ and partners’ capabilities.


The objectives for GridEx IV are:

  • Exercise incident response plan
  • Expand local and regional response
  • Engage interdependent sectors
  • Improve communication
  • Gather lessons learned
  • Engage senior leadership

Planning and Participation

SPP is registered as an “active” participant in GridEx IV with NERC. SPP will be coordinating with members within the SPP footprint, community partners, vendors and supporting companies during the exercise. SPP will be hosting its internal exercise at 201 Worthen Drive, on Nov. 14-16, 2017, and will coordinate with other partners and members hosting their own exercise during the same time frame.  

If you are participating with SPP in GridEx IV, please review the documents located in the right sidebar for frequently asked questions, a timeline of events and more.

Flexibility and Feedback

NERC has created the GridEx IV exercise to allow each organization to participate in a way that is consistent with its available resources and real-world operational environment. SPP supports this model and has committed to do the same for its members and community partners during GridEx IV. SPP is dedicated to continuous improvement and has asked all partners and members to provide feedback on their interaction with SPP at the end of the exercise. For more information on GridEx IV, contact

Media Inquiries

GridEx IV participants may respond to media inquiries as they would respond to any media inquiry. Participants also may direct any media inquiries about their participation with SPP to SPP communications staff at

SPP does not disclose the scenario premise or names of participating organizations or individuals. It is up to a participating organization whether to let media know about the participation of the organization or its employees in GridEx IV.

Individuals and organizations participating in or observing GridEx IV should not disclose details of the exercise and instead refer all media inquiries about the details of the exercise to SPP or NERC communications staff.