SPP Learning Center FAQ

If you do not see your question in the list below, please email LMS@spp.org. 

How do I get an account in the SPP Learning Center?

For employees of SPP Member companies, simply click the "Member Registration" button and follow the prompts to create your account. All other users can create an account by clicking the "Non-Member Registration" button. Note:  Please make sure that you are registering under the correct section as your company name is associated specifically with either Member or Non-Member.

Why isn't my company's name in the drop-down list?

If you believe or would like your company to be in the list, please contact LMS@spp.org.

How do I reset my password?

Click the Forgot Password link located above the Log In button. Type the email address used to create your account and click Submit. The SPP Learning Center will send you an email with a link to a site where you can create a new password. If you do not receive an email from the SPP Learning Center, please contact LMS@spp.org.

I've locked myself out of the SPP Learning Center. What do I do?

After five incorrect password entries, the system automatically locks your account for one hour. This lockout period cannot be overridden. At the end of the lockout period, click the Forgot Password? link to create a new password. You can also email LMS@spp.org to request for your account to be unlocked and password to be reset.

How do I search for training?

The easiest way is to type a keyword in the Search box located in the upper right corner, then press Enter. All courses with that key word will display. The Search box uses predictive searching, so if you are looking for a specific course, it may appear as you type. Simply click its title and you will limit the courses that display.

Now that I've found training I'd like to take, how do I request it?

There are slight variations depending on the type of training it is.

Training (Calendar icon)

After you have found the course, check to see if any sessions are being offered by scrolling to the bottom of the Training Details page. For each scheduled session, you will see the location, dates and times, and number of seats available. Locate the session date you wish to attend then click the drop-down arrow under View Details and click Request. The system will add the session to your transcript and send you a registration confirmation.

Self-Study (Computer icon) and Video (Play Button icon)

This type of training consists of a single online training course that can be requested and launched at will. Simply click the course title, then click the Launch button or Save for Later located to the right of the title on the Training Details page.

Curriculum (4 Books icon)

Typically a curriculum must be requested as a total package, rather than being able to select the individual components. As with Self-Study, after clicking the course title, click the Open Curriculum button or Save for Later. The curriculum will open and also be placed in your transcript. 

I thought I had requested to attend an instructor-led class, but I didn't receive a registration confirmation. How come?

It's possible you requested the Event (course) as opposed to a Session (a date-specific offering of the Event). To check, click the Learning tab to go to your Transcript page. Locate the course title and check the Type column. If the Type is Event, you should see an option to Select Session. Click that link to select a date to attend. If you do not see the course title in your transcript, contact LMS@spp.org.

If the course is in your transcript with a Type of Session, check your junk mail. It's possible your system routed the email there. If it's not in junk mail, contact LMS@spp.org.