SPP - RSC/OMS Liaison Committee

SPP - RSC/OMS Liaison Committee

OMS and SPP RSC Commissioners have recognized there are issues preventing efficient economic transmission planning, market and operations, and resource integration along the SPP-MISO seam. A liaison committee was formed by the boards of the OMS and the SPP RSC to facilitate identification of issues and potential solutions to enhance the benefits to customers from better coordinated seams policies.

OMS Representatives


             SPP-RSC Representatives

Julie Fedorchak (ND)                      Kristie Fiegen (SD)
Kim O'Guinn (AR)                      Geri Huser (IA)
Erik Skrmetta (LA)                      Ted Thomas (AR)
Matt Schuerger (MN)                      Dana Murphy (OK)


Upcoming Events

August 22, 2022 1:00PM - 3:00PM

Kristie Fiegen
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
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Geri Huser
Iowa Utilities Board
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Dana Murphy
Oklahoma Corporation Commission
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Ted Thomas
Arkansas Public Service Commission
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