Western Services

SPP provides members of its regional transmission organization a broad and valuable portfolio of services including reliability coordination, market administration, coordination of transmission planning and more. Many of those services are also available to nonmembers on a contract basis.

SPP’s Western Energy Services is a family of contract-based products offered to utilities in the Western Interconnection. They include:

  • The Western Energy Imbalance Service Market (WEIS): a real-time wholesale electricity market that balances generation and load regionally, delivery cost savings and enhanced reliability to participants. (Launching in early 2021.)
  • Western Reliability Coordination (RC) Service: Beginning in December 2019, SPP will operate in the Western Interconnection as a North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) certified reliability coordinator, working with customers to keep the lights on and mitigate operational contingencies that threaten the reliability of the bulk power system. (Launching December 2019.)
  • Planning coordination: As a planning coordinator, SPP studies and directs the construction of transmission upgrades that provide enhanced reliability and affordability and meet both near- and long-term needs. (Launching soon.)
  • Western Interconnection Unscheduled Flow Mitigation Plan (WIUFMP): SPP administers the WIUFMP on behalf of several western utilities, a blueprint for the use of certain controllable devices in the mitigation of congestion along transmission lines in the west.

If you’re interested in discussing any of these services SPP can offer, up to and including membership in the SPP RTO, contact a customer relations representative to learn more today.