Financials and Metrics

Annual Reports

Schedule 1A Formula Rate Documents

Financial Audits

Annually, SPP engages an independent auditor to audit statements of income, changes in members’ deficit, yearly cash flows, etc.

Below are our five most recent financial audit reports:


SPP’s budget documents indicate the organization’s net revenue requirements and billing determinants and are approved by our independent board of directors annually based on recommendations by the SPP Finance Committee. Budgets are based on yearly operating plans that identify the resources deemed necessary to achieve our members’ business objectives. (2022 SPP Operating Plan)

Below are our five most recent budgets:

Corporate Metrics

Quarterly, the SPP board of directors and Members Committee reviews a set of metrics that indicate the organization’s overall health and direction, including those related to transmission and markets, financials, system performance and more.

SPP Strategic Plan

In April 2020, Southwest Power Pool charted a course to develop our five-year strategic plan. This document frames the process and distills the key elements of that strategy. We will utilize mechanisms to track and report progress toward aspirations and make mid-course adjustments. This plan is intentionally flexible, yet with a solid foundation.

The most important driver of the process was a sincerely held belief that our stakeholders should be aligned around the direction we intend to travel together. Given the diversity of stakeholders that strengthens the SPP organization, we decided to engage our board, members, regulators, and SPP executives throughout the planning effort.