Offer Curve

Section 9 of Attachment AE of SPP's Open Access Transmission Tariff provides for the release of bid and offer (offer curve) data for Dispatchable Resources ninety days after the day for which the offer was submitted. Files are posted daily. The resource identity is masked to conceal the identity of the specific resource. 

The files include the following information:
Biddate – the date for which the offer curve data was submitted to SPP (in GMT)
Bidhour – the hour for which the offer curve data was submitted for the corresponding biddate to SPP (in GMT)
Unitcode – the masking identifier for each resource providing the offer curve information to SPP

MW1 through MW10 and Price1 through Price 10 – the number of MW offered paired with the prices bid at those MW levels into the SPP Integrated Marketplace for the day and hour specified; there can be a maximum of 10 pairs for every hour

All Historical Offer data can be found on portal here.

All Offer Curve data for EIS can be found here.