A number of e-learning courses are available via the SPP Learning Center. These trainings are computer-based, self-paced modules that are available at any time. Courses offered include both NERC-certified Continuing Education Hours (CEH) as well as non-CEH courses.

 e-Learning Courses (with CEHs):      

  • Outage Coordination – CROW 
  • Control Performance Standards (CPS)
  • System Restoration Principles
  • Transmission Loading Relief (TLR)
  • Voltage Control and System Stability
  • Operator Awareness      
  • Power System Protection: Curriculum        
  • Reserve Sharing System (RSS) SPP BA EOP Conservative Operations and Capacity and Energy Emergencies
  • Natural Gas Fundamentals 
  • Minimum Generation and Load Shed 
  • Event Reporting and Analysis
  • Reliability Communication Tool
  • Renewable Energy Curriculum
  • Data Maze 

e-Learning (without CEHs):

  • Adventures in Training - Subject Matter Expert (SME) Training
  • SME – Learning the R.O.P.E.S
  • What is ACE?
  • How to Calculate ACE

To register for e-Learning Courses visit the SPP Learning Center.