Markets+ Market Products and Price Formation Design Team

Markets+ Market Products and Price Formation Design Team

Markets+ is  a conceptual bundle of services proposed by SPP that would centralize day-ahead and real-time unit commitment and dispatch, provide hurdle-free transmission service across its footprint and pave the way for the reliable integration of a rapidly growing fleet of renewable generation. 

The structure and selection of market products and price formation for Markets+ will be developed through a collaborative stakeholder process to meet three high level goals: (1) to maintain reliable operation of the bulk electric system, (2) to ensure efficient operation of the market by minimizing the total production cost and (3) to provide accurate price signals.

The Market Products and Price Formation Design Team is open to participation from any interested stakeholder.

Stakeholder Leads for the group are:

  • Jeff Spires, Director - Power, Powerex
  • Brian Cole, GM - Resource Management, Arizona Public Service
  • Russ Mantifel, Director of Market Initiatives, Bonneville Power Administration
  • Laura Trolese, Senior Market Design and Policy Analyst, The Energy Authority

The SPP Staff Support Team for the group is:

  • Jim Gonzalez, Manager - Real Time Markets
  • Micha Bailey, Supervisor - Congestion Hedging

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